Have Happy Feet

The Foot Science Clinic in Bibra Lake is a family affair with Andrew treating patients, while his mum mans the front desk.

Put your feet in Andrew’s capable hands!

Local boy and Podiatrist Andrew Wilson’s life goal is to help people.

He says: “It’s what the world needs”. Too right, we say!

The former All Saints College student has dedicated his life to his study and practise, finally taking the plunge and opening his new podiatry practice – The Foot Science Clinic – in Bibra Lake. While his focus is on bringing the latest therapeutic technology south of the river, even the simplest of foot care needs (toenail and skin care) are welcome. 

After finishing his first degree in Human Movement and Biomechanics at the University of Western Australia, Andrew went on to complete the Doctor of Podiatric Medicine professional Doctorate. Now at 27, he has spent half a decade working in clinics from Melville to Mandurah, and most recently with one of WA’s most prominent Podiatric Surgeons. 

“This was the catalyst, for my own journey towards opening this new clinic,” Andrew said. 

“Personally, I see the need for a more holistic podiatry approach. I wanted to use a progressive approach, using technology that is not widely available in WA, particularly south of the river, where I “This was the catalyst, for my now have state-of-the-art  therapies available.

“These therapies include Focus Shockwave and High Power Laser Therapy, as there are very few treatments currently out there to alleviate chronic pain and accelerate healing.”

While not all of us will suffer with foot pain, the chances are, we probably know someone who is, and generally we underestimate the impact foot pain has. 

“Each foot has 26 to 28 bones, that’s a quarter of all the bones in the body in your two feet, but that quarter runs 100 per cent of your life, and as a scale, that is huge,” Andrew said. 

“I see it every day, and the way it affects peoples’ lives. When foot pain strikes your life suffers, day-to-day activities become a chore, you avoid all physical activity, it can even threaten how well your perform at work. So we podiatrists are privileged to have a dramatic impact on our patients.”

Just like a regular dental check up, Andrew recommends each and every one of us has a yearly foot health screening, and if you’re experiencing any pain or concerns with your feet, to ask for help straight away, there is no such thing as a silly question, and no-one needs to suffer in silence.

“It’s a tough life without your feet.”

The Foot Science Clinic
5/3 La Fayette Bvd, Bibra Lake
Call 6191 0300 to make your appointment today

by Jane Grljusich
Herald Promotions

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Contact Jane on 0417 814 128, or email jane.grljusich@fremantleherald.com

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