Letters 19.12.20

Priorities, folks

WHERE to allocate scarce funding is no doubt difficult for the City of Fremantle however one does have to query some of the priorities. 

For example, the city is to provide funding to make holding street parties less cost prohibitive via the new Community Street Activation Policy. 

This policy will see ratepayer funds going towards covering public liability insurance for such events as well as the training of community volunteers to undertake traffic management protocols. 

This initiative was publicised last week and is all about encouraging community connection – a laudable objective. And hey who doesn’t mind a good street party – however, for many such events could a local (possibly under-utilised) community park not be used? Still it is a trial – albeit in these cost constrained times.

Fast forward to this week or specifically last nights’ council meeting whereby a 40 per cent cut to the funding allocation of the Fremantle Surf Life Saving Club is tabled (presumably confirmation of this decision is pending).

So an organisation that not only develops local youth, creates community connection and incidentally saves the odd life or two is up for a partial chop.

As a ratepayer I’d be interested in understanding the basis of a policy that is in effect funding street parties vs reducing, as it seems the funding for a community association that does so much.

Sean Hefferon
Wardie St, South Fremantle


THE article in the Herald a couple of weeks back makes my blood boil (“Social workers rally over job cut fears,” Herald,” December 5, 2020).

Really, what is this state government thinking? “KEEPING WA SAFE AND STRONG” at the bottom of Simone McGurk’s advert.

At this time after all that people have been through is not a time for more Labor cuts. 

It is time to increase community/mental health staff and services. 

Sadly, just like our police, the social/health workers had to rally to get attention. 

Perhaps it is time for ministers to listen to the community which is crying out for help.

Bill M

Carol howler

AFTER looking forward to an evening of singing along to carols, the City of Fremantle’s Christmas Carols event on Sunday at Fremantle Oval was disappointing. 

The tune and tempo of several carols was changed, making it hard to join in. 

Carols in the songbook were out of order – if you even knew where to get a songbook. 

For part of the time the lead singer wore a pug dog mask and acted in character, including playing “You ain’t nothing but a hound dog.” 

What does a pug have to do with Christmas?!

I thought we were here for some participatory community merriment.

Perhaps in the future it should be marketed as a “Christmas Concert”.

Fiona Bettesworth

Circus of Melville

I OFTEN see the City of Melville advertising saying how great they are, how many prizes they have won, how committed they are to their customers and what wonderful healthy facilities they have….

My nose tells me otherwise; and I have a lot of experience sniffing out things that smell bad.

I let the City know nine days ago that the water fountain at Bicton Baths was not working and had not been for many months. I have heard not a sausage; so much for their customer service charter.

I am an elderly paid-up Melville resident and like going for walks, but just can’t carry water bottles as such working water fountains are important to me when the weather gets warm. 

I am sure many others will agree, we deserve much better service for our money.

Whoever is running this circus should crack a whip a lot more.

Beach St, Bicton

Important news

THANK you for your newspaper. 

It is very important to have a local newspaper.

The real war criminals are president Bush and John Howard who sent our people to Iran and Afghanistan.

Caroline MR Richards


SCIENTISTS are alarmed that the polar ice caps don’t appear to be refreezing as much as usual during the winter season.

It just keeps getting better. 

Brad Capes

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