Parking fine hikes on way

FREMANTLE council is set to jack up parking fines by 20 per cent.

At this week’s finance and policy committee meeting, the council approved changes to its parking laws which will see a swag of infringements increased for the first time in eight years.

Overstaying your time, not displaying a ticket or failing to follow the parking signs will now burn a $60 hole in your pocket – up from $50.

Parking a bit skew-whiff in one of the council’s car parks will also have a $65 sting to it – a whopping 30 per cent increase.

An officer’s report also flags setting up zones around the city where motorists can only pay for their parking electronically, such as through the council-approved app PayStay.

“This would enable the city to introduce pay by phone only parking zones in areas like Marine Terrace, without the need to install ticket machines,” the report said.


“Another consideration included in the proposed parking local law is to provide residents (in residential areas) the ability to control parking on the verge at the front of their own property.”

That will see a blanket ban on any verge parking except for the property owner, someone they authorise to be there or a goods vehicle which can be unloaded as long as it moves on lickety-split.

Previously there had to be a sign prohibiting parking on the verge for it to be an offence.

The fine for parking on the verge has also risen from $50 to $80 – a 60 per cent increase – although there were some areas such as “No Stopping” zones where that was already the case.

A spokesperson from the council said revenue from parking fines was $2.1 million last year, but would only offer that there could be a “moderate” increase and not a firm figure.

They said the item was still in the early stages and there could be changes before it’s adopted.


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