Hill reserve hope

Christiane Martin, Brad Pettitt, Christine Duckham and SERCUL environmental services manager Matt Grimbly atop Clontarf Hill.

CLONTARF HILL could become an A-class reserve if Brad Pettitt wins an upper house seat for the WA Greens at the March state election – and the stars align.

The Fremantle mayor is hoping to reclaim the South Metro seat taken by Labor in 2017, and for Labor to snatch enough seats to ensure the two parties share the balance of power – the first time since 2008.

Dr Pettitt said if that eventuated he would help Labor take Roe 8 and 9 off the state’s planning scheme. Labor’s first attempt was scuppered in 2019 by Liberal Democrat MLC Aaron Stonehouse.

That would free the land up to be converted into reserve.

Dr Pettitt said Fremantle council had approached Main Roads in 2019 about creating a park on the hill, but were firmly told it was still a road reserve.

The Friends of Clontarf Hill have been weeding, planting and looking after the site for around 30 years. Chair Christine Duckham said while it remained a road reserve, it was difficult to attract funding for maintenance.

She fears the Heart of Beaconsfield project will make green space more important to a new wave of residents, but the extra use could see the hill become severely degraded.

Deputy chair Christiane Martin said: “We have been fighting for this for decades.”

The pair want to see a green link along the Cockburn coast included in the Beeliar regional park to create a corridor inland to Bibra Lake. Ms Martin said with its views over the Indian Ocean to Rottnest and Garden Islands, and it’s stand of endangered tuarts, it could be a jewel of the proposed Cockburn Community Wildlife Corridor.


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