Steady Eddy


I have fond memories of  the big playground next to Zephyr Cafe.

We had our kids Scooby-Doo birthday party there and my wife dressed up as Thelma and I went as Shaggy (no outfit required).

So when my wife and I headed to Zephyr for breakfast this week, I had flashbacks of lobbing bean bags at Daphne’s head.

Let’s cut to the chase: Zephyr is right on the waters edge and has some of the best cafe views in Fremantle – massive Palm trees, sandy foreshore, and the crystalline Swan River all within a few feet of your table.

It’s also an interesting vista with recreational boats, cruise vessels and the water police plying the river.

But what’s the food like?

Zephyr’s breakfast menu is compact and traditional, focusing on old favourites like eggs Benedict, smashed avocado, big brekkie and field mushrooms on toast.

The only real curveball was the “Spanish beans and friends”, which had homemade beans in a spiced tomato sauce with poached egg, chorizo and sourdough (it’s nice to know that beans have friends too).

As we waited for our food to arrive, I peered across the river at the looming cliffs in North Fremantle, picturing Ben Elton in speedos doing an Acapulco dive into the coruscating water.

My reverie was interrupted when a man with a giant beer belly, wearing a Def Leppard mask, waddled by the alfresco.

Thankfully the waitress arrived just in time with my smashed avocado with poached egg ($21).

The presentation was pretty plain, but that’s okay, and when I sliced open the poached egg the runny yolk flooded the plate.

It was $3 for an egg with my smashed avocado, so that would be $6 if you wanted two, which is pretty steep.

There was plenty of fresh avocado slathered on the seeded toast, which was dense and crunchy, and the subtle glaze and cherry tomatoes kept things interesting. The crumbled feta could have been a bit more cutting to enliven proceedings, but this was a tasty, if not very inspiring, smashed avocado. Across the table my wife was wolfing down her eggs Benedict ($19).

“The sauce is pitch perfect with just the right amount of Dijon mustard,” she said.

“The eggs are perfectly cooked and the ham isn’t too salty and overbearing. An enjoyable eggs Benedict.”

We washed down our meal with a cappuccino ($4.40) and chai latte ($4.40), which were nice and hot and smooth.

I’ve now been to Zephyr for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and whiles the food isn’t amazing, it’s always tasty and reliable with killer views, decent prices and great service.

The cafe’s always busy so the formula clearly works, but maybe they could be a tad more adventurous with their menu.

Zephyr Cafe
61 Riverside Road, 

East Fremantle
9438 2800


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