A splash of calm in the chaos

Water lives and remembers, says artist Joanne Hayward.

A GLOBAL pandemic and an upcoming election won’t stop the art world from soldiering on, with the DADAA exhibition Friday Fair Isles opening on Friday as part of Perth Festival.

Exhibition curator Katherine Wilkinson said the exhibition asked how artists could use their practice to “create continuity and community amidst disruption” with a focus on craft and design.

It showcases work created in lockdown by artists including Joanne Hayward, whose hands-on installation The Memory of Water is aimed at reminding viewers that in times of crisis water offered a space to gather and restore.

Hayward’s installation involves water dripping into a bowl accompanied by an audio track, which she says reinforces that it is alive and has memory.

“My message is for people to look at the water in a completely different way and respect it more,” she said.

In these tumultuous times, Hayward hopes audiences “get a really positive message” from her work and leave with “something to think about.”

“I want to give people a positive experience of looking at nature in a different way,” she said.

Hayward said she made the work interactive because she values involving the audience.

“It’s like they’re a part of the art piece but they are also getting something personally from it.

“It’s that sort of thing I like to do with my work all the time.”

Hayward created the work with the help of mentors Camilla Loveridge, Christopher Williams and Kate Campbell-Pope and said they have been integral to her journey as an artist. 

The second part of the work: Unforgotten, will be released as a video online and aims to bring awareness to the importance of positive change.

Friday Fair Isles is on until April 3.


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