Featherhorn flies high

• Oriana, Shei, Juliette, creator Freya Cheffers, Amoura, Toni, Tia. Photo by Eduardo Cobo from COBOphotography

Forget Byron Bay, South Freo has it all with this authentic boho chic space at its heart

by Jane Grljusich
Herald Promotions

The feels are good at Featherhorn – always.

Created for every woman (and man), and adventurous spirits who don’t need an excuse to wear a pretty dress – “because a pretty dress needs no reason to be worn if it makes you feel beautiful, feminine and free”.

But for Featherhorn creator Freya Cheffers, and her business partner Paula Pritchard, and the incredible and inspiring community of creatives, storytellers, healers and local personalities they surround themselves with – it’s much more than that. 

Times have been tough – even for us lucky enough to live in WA – let alone South Freo – and Freya has felt a strong shift in people over the last year. 

“It’s a kind of gentle, receptive energy and less scepticism towards spiritual healing,” she told the Herald. 

“It’s no surprise really, given the way things have been.”

A little bit of magic has happened in the shop.

“Only days before lockdown, several healers made contact, out of the blue, all at once, and said they would love to do some healing work in our special little courtyard,” Freya said. 

“From each and every one I received a very calming and healing vibe – my instincts are running hot lately.”

Freya invited them all into the Featherhorn courtyard for Moroccan Mint Tea and Orange Syrup Cake.

“They each brought a plant to bless the space, where our community-built Mosaic project was created, and we sat around with incense burning and beautiful North African music playing in the background while our new team of “las curanderas” (women who heal) shared their spiritual powers and how they practise making people feel connected, relaxed and energised,” she said. 

Freya is bubbling with positive energy introducing her new team of light workers who work with both masculine and feminine energies – 

Amoura (Sundays) – Angel cards, Healing, Reiki and Massage (see AngelHealing on Facebook or call 0434 432 824)

Shei (Wednesdays and Saturdays) – Angelic Shamanic Sound Attunement Healing – aka “Astro Girl” – who channels empowerment through Tarot, Astrology and Sound Medicine
(starheartastrology@gmail.com or call 0481 447 888)

Juliette (Fridays) – Isis Alchemy, Energy Healing and Massage. Open your heart to magic and light (see Juliette Winand Energetic Healer on Facebook or call 0491744 647)

Toni (Thursdays) – Sacred 7 Astrology Muse,
activating the insights of astrology to inspire, liberate and birth new life (toniarmstrong.muse or call
0423 956 261)

Tia (Tuesdays) – Our resident Life Pathways Oracle Reader. Journey back and discover your true authentic self using the ancient wisdom of the Native American Animal Oracle (call 0424 868 772)

Oriana (By appointment) – Intuitive Sound
Healing with Tibetan Bowls and Pendulum to balance t
he energetic body (@happysoulyoga_friends or call
0413 327 456)

To make a booking with any of these wonderful women, find details at the shop, on Facebook or Instagram.

Last Saturday night, Featherhorn celebrated two years of trade – a dazzling, unforgettable night of fashion food, dancing, music, love, laughter, creativity and local community support. 

Who would have thought that a year ago, one year into trading, a world crisis would hit, threatening the doors on this little business and so many others, to possibly close forever, only to prevail and emerge stronger and better. 

“With my new business partner Paula Pritchard by my side who brought in crystal healing and an enthusiastic, uplifting social media presence we became quite a team,” says creator Freya Cheffers.

“Spiritual Healers, Psychics, Tarot and Oracle Readers, drifted in from near and far mesmerised, saying they had to make contact, and somehow become part of Featherhorn. Mainstream customers began stocking up on smudge sticks, crystals and incense and booking healing sessions, people who’d never done anything like that before. The conversations in the shop became more open, honest, deep, and never dull. Pretty dresses kept selling – our label Featherhorn – uplifting women of all shapes, sizes, ages and backgrounds. Women supporting women.”

The free event went off with Freya thanking Queen Constance Hall for her everything, Mayor Brad Pettitt for attending and his support, amazing chef Nimrod Kazoom (KAZOOMIES – Feel Good Food Restaurant) for the incredible food, muso Matty Gresham and his mum Suzi, DJ Sophie Regnier, artist Jane Dinnie upstairs, Elizabeth Reed of Flor Marche Winery for the wines, Eduardo Cobo for the photos, all her friends, models, dancers, fire twirlers, and everyone who attended. 

Featherhorn The Label

For every woman, everywhere

Designed by Freya Cheffers and Paula Pritchard, supporting women of all different shapes, sizes, ages and background. All our unique fabrics are good quality, last and don’t shrink. Our bohemian styles are for the free spirited travelling gypsy soul.

Brought to you with love x

Footwear Accessories
Sage sticks
Moroccan chic

Prints and shapes inspired by travels abroad to Bali and Morocco and importing colourful treasures.

18/275 South Tce, Fremantle

Monday – Friday 9:00am – 6:00pm
Saturday – Sunday 10:00am – 5:00pm

Promote your business. Contact Jane on 0417 814 128, or email jane.grljusich@fremantleherald.com

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