Letters 10.4.21

Hey, sport!

I THOROUGHLY enjoyed reading Sporting Affair (Food, February 27) in the Melville Herald recently and was pleased to see what a tremendous success the redevelopment of the Tompkins Park Sporting Facility has been. 

It is great to see so many families and the surrounding community enjoying the renovated restaurant and bar and your write up was spot on, (except you did miss out mentioning one of the main instigators in managing the project (along with the Melville Cricket Club) and that being the Palmyra Rugby Union Club, but I’ll overlook that one (as long as your reviewer shouts me a beer next time).

Tompkins is really buzzing now, and with a great bar food menu and the attraction of the playing fields for the kids, it is a credit to all concerned with the ongoing project.

However, a week later, reading Herald’s Letters, I was disappointed to see such a negative offering from Alfred Cove’s Chris Peedy. 

I was even more disappointed that Chris was disappointed with regards to what was a ‘Foody’ piece, in that he somehow construed it as politicising the demise of the Wave Park. For me, it was classic ‘Freo’ tongue-in-cheek jargon and yes, having been a Melville resident for over 50 years, I too am happy they did not build the wave park there.

However – a positive ‘however’ this time – it is great to see that the Wave Park for the ‘Dudes and The Grommet’s is being planned by Andrew Ross (Urbnsurf / Aventuur) in a more suitable location in the Cockburn Central area. I wish the developers and the community along with the surfing enthusiasts all the best with the venture.

Paul Mack 

Not again

IT is on again (“Artists fear for tenure”, Herald, April 3, 2021).

Fremantle council needs to find other space for budding artists and let established artists do what they do well from where they are.

These small businesses have been under threat for years.

Greg (James), Jenny (Dawson) and Peter (Zuvela) pay market rent, they have created the precinct that it is today. We cannot condone the loss of more Freo small businesses. 

Who knows, there might be suitable space where council have taken up residence in the Dockers’ old home when they move back to Kings Square.

Ahhhh … Kings Square. 

Bill Massie

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