Pettitt wins

FREMANTLE mayor Brad Pettitt has been confirmed as the winner of a seat in WA’s upper house for the WA Greens.

Dr Pettitt, who will now step down from his role as mayor, will be the sole Greens representative in Parliament and will face a chamber dominated by the Labor party, who won’t have to rely on his vote to get its legislation through.

Following the count Lynn MacLaren, who’d previously held the seat before losing it to Labor in 2017 and ran second on the Greens’ ticket, panned micro-parties that “gamed the system” and saw left-leaning voters unwittingly supporting right candidates.

“The Non Mandatory Vaxers (NMV) ended up with your votes when the Animal Justice Party was excluded. They never came to the Greens,” Ms MacLaren said, adding it added to the list of reasons to be “disgruntled” about the election.

“Votes for Libs for Climate and the Health Australia Party went to Aaron Stonehouse, the Liberal Democrat.”

Senate fears

Ms MacLaren said the number of former Greens voters who ticked their ballot elsewhere this year made her concerned about the party’s ability to hold its senate seat in federal Parliament when incumbent Rachel Siewert retired.

“My advice to people is to put the Greens first if you want to elect us.

“I’d say there is no excuse for people who support our hard work for animals, from greyhounds to numbats, to preference others who have done nothing.”

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