Anzacs of all faiths  

THE little-known story of the multifaith contingent who served their country will be the focus of an Anzac service being run by the Lions Club of Bullcreek.

Lions club president Rasa Subramaniam said the event, held on John Creaney Reserve on April 26 from 10am, was an opportunity to “recognise the Anzac men and women from all walks of life” and pay respect to the diverse cultures that fought alongside each other.

Focusing on the six faiths of Buddhism, Hinduism, Baha’i, Muslim, Judaism and Christianity, club member Rob Taddeo said the service aimed to recognise the 1600 soldiers of diverse backgrounds who fought among the 420,000 enlisted Anzacs. 

It was “important to acknowledge and celebrate” those of different faiths uniting for a cause, and reflect on the cultural diversity of the Anzac tradition, Mr Taddeo said.

The multifaith service “provides these groups with a great opportunity to get involved and meet people from other cultures and faiths”.

The Lions plan to unveil a plaque representing diverse groups in the park as well as inviting guests from diverse backgrounds to speak.

They will also be handing out sprigs of rosemary, an Australian symbol of remembrance, to help “build a unity and better future” between cultures and faiths and reflect on those who made sacrifices to protect our way of life.

Other Anzac Day Events include:

• Fremantle Dawn Service at Monument Hill, April 25 at 5.50am

• North Fremantle’s Fallen Soldiers Memorial on the corner of Queen Victoria Street and Harvest Road, April 25 at 9am

• Fremantle Anzac Day March at Pioneer Park, April 25 at 10.15am

• City of Cockburn Dawn Service at Memorial Hall on the corner of Carrington and Rockingham Roads

• City of Cockburn Parade and Service, starting at the RSL car park at 73 Frederick Road, Hamilton Hill from 9.50am, with the Service at 10.20am at Memorial Hall Monument

• RSL City of Cockburn 20th Anniversary Anzac Youth Parade and Service, April 21. Starts 9.30am at Cockburn council headquarters on Coleville Crescent, Spearwood, with the service at 10.15am at the RSL Memorial Park & Field of Poppies on Spearwood Avenue

• Fremantle Library ‘At the time of war- a tribute to Anzac Day’ April 23 at 1 pm 

• The City of Melville service will be held on Sunday April 18 at Wireless Hill on Almondbury Road from 10.30am. The council is encouraging people to join the RSLWA’s services, either up at King’s Park or by continuing the new Covid-tradition of joining your neighbours at the end of your driveway and tuning into the ABC’s coverage


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