Letters 5.6.21


AS Kings Square is now more like Kings Rectangle with the former mayor’s vanity project taking up the bulk of the area a new name was inevitable.

I am wondering what the Noogar words are for “buggered-up public space”.

Geoff Dunstone 
Carrington St, Palmyra

Poor Ned?

WITH regard to the changing of suburb names as reported in Melville City Herald (“Time of reckoning,” Herald, May 22, 2021).

I would agree that if the name Stirling is causing current hurt and distress and that changing the name would take that away and replace those feelings with happiness then by all means change it. 

Is there a guarantee that the desired effect will take place to balance out the distress and expense this will cause to the residents and the descendants to the other side?

What about Ned Kelly? There are descendants of the victims of his unlawful killings and terrorising. Let’s obliterate his image, name and any praise from the records.

What about German references? 

Should the relatives of the holocaust victims be calling to have them obliterated from common language and intertwined culture.

What about the descendants of convicts sent to Australia who were used as slave labour and died very young after a miserable life?

I could go on but I think you get the picture. Australians are now all ONE and FREE, thanks to all the diverse history and blending of cultures, should we not enjoy living in the present?

Name supplied

The Ed says: Poor Ned ain’t got nothin’ named after him. Nor are there any Nazi-inspired destinations in Australia – and if there were, no doubt Freo council would be the first to try and vote them down. And yes, there’s no doubt a few tortured souls turning in their graves over the notion that former governor John Hampton got a road named after him – after he removed Fremantle Prison inmates’ only avenue of appeal against unjust treatment. But we just don’t hear convict descendent clamouring for change….

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