Littering unmasked

MY name is Tide, I am 10 years old. 

Last weekend my brother and I ventured out in the rain with our phones hoping to capture the perfect photograph for this years Focus Environment competition.

We trekked in the cold and wet from our home in Bicton, down to the baths, then in and around Point Walter. 

I was surprised by the number of face masks I saw littering the river’s edge and surrounding parks. 

At first, I felt sad for the local wildlife having these invade their homes and habitats, then I remembered that face masks were only mandatory for high school students and adults. 

So to you grown-ups, I say this: “If masks become compulsory again, and it’s likely they will, please lead a good example for the children to follow and dispose of your masks properly and keep our environment clean. 

It’s not that hard.

Tide Robinson, Bicton
The Ed says: This made us incredibly sad too, Tide.

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