Let’s talk about sex

JAE WEST is a Fremantle resident and first-time author whose poetry in The Art of Raw Desire teases its readers into thinking (and talking) about sex with honesty and passion – beyond the often superficial and snide characterisation in popular culture. The Art of Raw Desire is being launched at Freo’s most seductive location, The Fibonacci Centre, on Friday June 25 from 6.30-9pm. Exchange: $15 full price, $10 low income/students from https://www.trybooking.com/BQXXU

LET’S talk about sex. 

I’m on a quest to normalise the importance of talking about and celebrating sex and sexuality. 

I love words and I love sex. It is only natural that the two can be married together in a beautiful dance of intimacy. 

Intimacy is one of the most potent paths to vulnerability.

That permission to be completely raw and open with oneself and another creates infinite possibilities for creativity, it just so happens that creativity was expressed through poetry for me.

My first publication The Art of Raw Desire couples my poetry with vivid artwork by another Freo local, Kate Gillett, to explore the themes of sex, love and relationships in a playful and passionate way. 

The poems and artwork stimulate the reader’s imagination to connect them to a shared sense of excitement for life. 


What inspires my poems? 

I draw from real-life experience, reflecting the depths and magic of falling in love, both with another and oneself. 

The poems were written over a 12-18 month period and drew from life experiences that I’d had; either past experiences that I was letting go of to create space for the new, or dreaming and designing what I wanted my life to look like. 

It just so happens I was falling in love with my incredible partner at the time which definitely helped! 

A lot of the credit I give to our relationship as it’s such a source of joy and aliveness in my life.

The poems are an ode to the beauty that arises from loving oneself and the vulnerability of speaking one’s truth. 

Like many, I’ve gone through struggles in life, especially around accepting myself and feeling worthy of love. 

Using my emotions, whether they be negative or positive emotions, has been a potent way of really being present to myself and creating a shared sense of humanity. 

We need to remember that we are not alone in our hardship and we are together as community in our celebrations.

I wish that everyone could know that their raw, vulnerability and expression of desires is a gift to the world. 

To feel that rush of excitement for life and love and allow it to pulse through your body, it’s exhilarating! 

Come immerse yourself in a playful night of poetry, art, adult puppet shows, music, and performances with The Art of Raw Desire Immersive Book Launch. 

This event, along with the work, is about celebrating the magic of words and creativity with interactive experiences that stimulate the mind, body, heart and soul. 

It will include live music, adult puppet shows, poetry readings, dance performances all around the themes of sex, love and relationships 

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