Fishy fun

French artist Marion le Crayon and her fishy art.

A FISHY art exhibition in South Fremantle has proved so popular with kids, the artist is holding a free workshop on Sunday.

Marion le Crayon will help children create an ocean-themed chalk drawing on the pavement outside Kerfuffle Cafe, where her quirky exhibition Lots Of Fish has captured the imagination of locals.

Featuring a striking range of ink drawings and screen prints, there’s plenty of wry humour and energy in le Crayon’s trippy and slightly surreal artworks.

“Did you know that in a school of fish, there isn’t a single leader, but they all lead and move as one consciousness?” le Crayon says.

“When I was drawing them, I liked to think that we are all like these fish, all different and all the same, part of one consciousness creating a movement.

“I found out afterwards that fish can be a symbol of our emotions; the ones we need to go through to grow and become stronger, to become who we are.”

Le Crayon had a successful caricature business with her friend in France, before they decided to go on a busman’s holiday in Australia.

After stints in Melbourne and Byron Bay, she was lured to Perth for an art festival and like many, fell in love with Fremantle and never went home.

She’s now married with kids and supplements her caricature and commissioned work with a burgeoning art career that has seen her exhibit in local venues like Little Creatures. 

“Lots Of Fish is my first solo exhibition,” she says.

“After many years focusing mainly on commissioned work, this is the first time I let myself express something a bit deeper. 

“It is freeing and quite therapeutic I have a background in 2D animation, which may explain why there is so much movement in my drawings. 

“When I started travelling, watercolour paint was easier to carry. 

“It was a great practice and I now use it for my caricature work and other projects. 

“Ink is something I wanted to try for the strong contrasts I could get.”

Lots Of Fish prompted le Crayon to rethink her approach to the fishing industry and the state of our oceans.

“What I learnt was alarming and I have already introduced some changes to my lifestyle and diet to do my part,” she says.

Lots Of Fish is on until July 7 at the Kerfuffle Cafe, with the free pavement art session tomorrow (Sunday June 20) from 2pm-3pm.


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