AMA slams posters

A poster by The White Rose on Fletcher Street in East Fremantle.

THE WA Australian Medical Association has slammed anti-government posters appearing on the streets of East Fremantle in the wake of lockdown 4.0.

The “Real men don’t wear masks” posters include a QR link to The White Rose, an online chat group whose members are opposed to government lockdown measures and covid vaccines, and question how dangerous the virus actually is.

The protest group, who mostly spread their message through slogans on posters and flyers, is named after the non-violent, intellectual resistance organisation that operated in Nazi Germany in the early 1940s.

Led by students from the University of Munich, the group conducted anonymous leaflet and graffiti campaign that called for active opposition to the Nazi regime.

AMA WA president Dr Mark Duncan-Smith says the threat of covid-19 is tangible and all too real.

“COVID-19 is not a conspiracy, as has been seen from the devastating vision from overseas, including front-end loaders digging mass graves in New York, and the carnage in Italy,” he says.

“While lockdowns represent an encroachment on civil liberties, they are a strong and effective method to control the disease, as we have seen repeatedly in Australia.

“Some Scandinavian countries decided not to mitigate the spread of covid, and effectively secured the highest death rate possible from the disease. 

“This also overwhelmed their medical system so much, they had to move to measures that did restrict civil liberties eventually.

“A micro environment of how the events will unfold when international borders come down was seen in 2017, when the principal of a Steiner school in the southern suburbs of Perth, who had anti-vaccination views, resigned after a measles outbreak at the school. The Health Department estimated half of the students were not vaccinated.

“To the conspiracy theorists who think there is a microchip in the vaccine, that the world is flat and solar panels drain the sun, it is highly likely they will eventually find that covid is real.”

Most of the posts on The White Rose are on how to print stickers and posters, as well as third-party content from around the world including the odd article from The Daily Mail, as well as content from other anti-lockdown groups like Operation Uprise.


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