Deep pockets?

MELVILLE council is looking at paid parking at Deep Water Point in Mount Pleasant, following complaints from locals about parking chaos since the jetty and cafe were upgraded. 

The plan is based on the city’s online survey about parking at the popular foreshore spot, with 659 people responding.

The consensus was that since the upgrades to the popular Dome Café and jetty, the parking at Deep Water Point has become a nightmare with not enough bays and parking spilling into local streets.

The survey revealed that 71 per cent of people visit Deep Water Point for less than three hours, and that most them are going to the Dome Café. 

But current parking arrangements favours all-day users who are commuting, working at Dome or launching their boats. 

Council’s draft parking plan proposes the introduction of paid parking, with the first two hours free, to encourage regular turnover and let more people access parking throughout the day.

“As most visitors stay for only one to two hours, it is suggested that most people will not need to pay for parking when visiting Deep Water Point,” Melville mayor George Gear said.

“A diverse range of people use the site, including for boat launching, fishing, exercising, and to spend time with friends and family at the café or various playgrounds and green spaces”.

Mr Gear said that out of all these users, vulnerable community members, short-term visitors and boat users should have priority for parking over all-day users. 

 “Free and unrestricted parking promotes a ‘first come, first served’ behaviour and by nature, these users tend to be the first people to arrive”. 

“As they stay all day, convenient and close parking is not available for other high-priority users,” he said. 

Other key recommendations in the plan include an increase in ‘trailer only’ bays from 15 to 22, to accommodate people using the newly upgraded boat ramp. 

The plan also includes upgrades to the existing ACROD bay and an additional ACROD bay to provide additional parking for people with a disability.

The draft plan will go out for public consultation until July 11, and then come back to council for the vote.


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