Plastic gone

THERE will be no more balloons or confetti at Fremantle council events.

To crackdown on plastic pollution, the city has voted through a permanent ban on single-use plastics during city-run events. 

The city’s new Sustainable Events Policy forbids the use of plastic straws, cutlery, bottles, cups, plates, containers, bags and cling-wrap, as well as balloons and confetti. 

There are also requirements to provide paired and labelled general waste and recycling bins, and to restrict promotional materials and decorations to those that can be re-used or recycled.

Following a successful two-year trial from 2018-2020, council last week voted to permanently adopt the Sustainable Events Policy. Fremantle acting mayor Andrew Sullivan said covid-19 had delayed the roll-out of the policy, as events were cancelled and there was a push towards single-use items for hygiene reasons.

“Even so, we found that on the whole promoters, vendors and caterers understood the intention of the policy and wanted to abide by its requirements,” he said. 

“Large events like Sets on the Beach, Falls Festival and Laneway Festival were particularly proactive in this area”.  

Fremantle’s new policy on plastics is in line with the state government’s fast-tracked ‘Plan for Plastics,’ which seeks to ban single-use plastics across the state by 2023. 


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