Photo by Jakub Stefanowski

HEY, you! You’re reading a newspaper and we think that’s swell. 

Being a well-informed citizen never goes out of style, even as other forms of media vie to be the fleeting ‘next big thing’. At the Herald, we’re evolving with the times and adding Instagram to our newspaper route. You can join us at @thefreoherald

We’re excited about how the interactive components of the site will allow us to engage with the community in real time. We’re also excited to be able to share strange tidbits of the sort that simply aren’t at home in print, like that rumour about the rope ladder in the Freo Prison chimney – it keeps us all on our feet here at the Chook.

And you’ll be able to share with us too. We’ll be watching as your avocados ripen and rot. We’ll witness the birth of your worm farm and stand testament to your valiant if questionable efforts to bake your own wedding cake. 

We’ll measure with pencil marks on the doorframe as we watch your business grow. 

We’ll also be holding our local policy-makers accountable and amplifying marginalised voices. In short, we want to share your stories and help our community stay connected. We’ll be sharing news with you big and small, and we invite you to tag us in your most Freo moments, whatever that means to you. To us, it means the strange, wonderful, and deeply engaged community we call home. 

I’m Carson Bodie (she/her), journo and Social Media Skipper at the new Chookstagram. I’ll be the thumbs at the wheel of this latest endeavour, and I’d like to introduce myself. Here are some things you probably don’t need to know about me: I’m from California, I remember people’s names the first time, I wear orange pretty much every day, and my biggest dream is to one day have a sheep and to make cheese from her milk and sweaters from her fur. 

Perhaps you recognise me from such hard-hitting pieces of journalistic excellence as the story about how to talk to trees, or Freo’s best mulled wine in. Stories like these may seem small, but together, they make Freo what it is. As we and our compatriot local independent news outlets navigate the perils of misinformation, conglomeration, monopolisation and floccinaucinihilipilification (it’s a real word and I used it right, thanks very much), we understand the importance of being here for you in new and digital ways. See you there, fellow webtrotters!

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