Bridge not so troubled

Main Roads has been checking the bridge’s structural integrity.

FREMANTLE’S old traffic bridge isn’t a safety threat to pedestrians, says Main Roads.

Last week in a letter to the Herald, local cyclist Heath Adams, who cycles across the bridge on his daily work commute said traffic controllers told him only five people were allowed to cross the bridge at one time because it is in “danger of collapse”. 

“I’m really concerned that there is no signage to this effect, no attempt to inform community members of the risk,” he said. 

But Main Roads spokesman Dean Roberts said the contractors had misinterpreted the reasons for restrictions on the bridge. 

“The operational limitations do not represent the capacity of the footbridge,” he said.  

“The number of pedestrians and cyclists allowed to cross at one time remains dependant on the scope of work being undertaken at the time.” 

Main Roads has recently been undergoing regular maintenance and structural testing on the bridge.

Mr Roberts said traffic controllers were stationed on the bridge from 6am – 6pm while workers were on-site, and signs would remain after hours to warn bridge users of the maintenance work.

“The restrictions are in place to ensure the safety of on-site workers who can’t always be seen clearly while working,” he said.


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