Letters 18.9.21


AWAY for one week of the Herald and one misses important information, as I did a week ago. 

Front page, mayoral candidate Hannah Fitzharding wanting to give the Round House to the State Government to run (“Let’s give it back,” Herald, August 28, 2021). 

How well we remember Cr Fitzharding’s thoughts on the Round House, when as a candidate pre-Beaconsfield election, she was asked what she thought of a 1500-person booze barn, disguised as a music venue, right beside one of the state’s most important heritage buildings.

The candidate replied she would vote with the people and their wish to save the Round House from that indignity and damage.

Then, once elected, Cr Fitzharding ignored the people and consistently voted to continue then-mayor Pettitt’s push for the booze barn. 

Think of the long-suffering, hard working volunteers who maintain one of Fremantle’s jewels councillor. Please. 

Suzanne John
High St, Fremantle

The Ed says: We put this to Cr Fitzhardinge who responded that by the time she got to vote on Sunset Events’ proposal, the patronage had been reduced to 300 and the outdoor concerts had been dropped, which was a very different beast to what had originally caused so much community concern.

Unlimited variety

IT’S good to see (imo) candidates running against long-entrenched councillors. 

The local government review in 2012 (Robson report) made the point that: “A limit of three terms, or 12 years, is considered ample opportunity for an elected member to achieve a great deal for his or her community. This would facilitate sharing of knowledge and experience across a broader generational and cultural range. It is suggested that the term limit apply to both councillor and mayor positions, providing for 12 years as a councillor and eight years as a mayor.” 

The same review suggested that term limits would increase diversity (ironic given that some sitting councillors profess they support diversity yet if the review is to be considered the same councillors are blocking diversity).

Sean Hefferon
Wardie St, South Fremantle

Koort up in a bad idea

ADELE CARLES wants the new civic centre to be repurposed as the state’s major Aboriginal Cultural Centre. 

This is a ridiculous idea, and Carles should know better. 

A WA indigenous centre has to be purpose built, with indigenous design input.

If in Fremantle, the Arthurs Head precinct is the obvious site for a world-class complex, as endorsed a couple of years ago by the Fremantle council in consultation with the Aboriginal community. 

The Walyalup Civic Centre will be a wonderful facility for Fremantle residents and visitors, with a state of the art library and visitors centre, meeting rooms and community spaces. 

It is part of a huge renewal of the city square, with 1,700 new workers already. 

This renewal is the result of years of advocacy and planning from the council and previous mayor Brad Pettitt, thoughtful work which seems to have escaped the attention of Ms Carles.   

Alan Payne 
South Fremantle

Look first, then leap later

YES, eventually we will have to unlock WA border.

But let NSW, ACT and Victoria open their borders to each other first when reaching 70/80 per cent vaccination, then let’s see what happens before we make a move.

John Flint
East Fremantle

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