Suburbs dig deep

Spearwood and Hami Hill residents want underground power.

A PETITION circulating in Spearwood and Hamilton Hill has called on Cockburn council to support a push for subsidised underground power.

Describing the suburbs as “always last on the list”, Spearwood Progress Association president Anthony Svilicich said underground power would go a long way to giving them a lift.

“I think it’ll just sort of help clean it up, and obviously provide the opportunity to grow stuff in the front yards; citrus plants and all that sort of stuff,” Mr Svilicich told the Herald.

“It even increases property values over time.”


Spearwood resident Len Glamuzina, who played a key role in the years-long battle to get the suburb connected to sewerage, said a recent power outage at the local shopping centre was an example of the area’s outdated infrastructure.

“I could not buy a carton of milk,” he groaned.

Cockburn councillor Phoebe Corke, who’s helping co-ordinate the petition in her role as chair of the Hamilton Hill Community Group, said some residents couldn’t even get decent telly – particularly SBS.

“There’s a big group of Italians who live just over there who say they can only get Channels 7 and 9 and everything else they only get white noise, and they’re convinced it’s because of the power lines,” Cr Corke said.

“What I’m really hoping is that we might be able to get some street ambassadors; anybody who’s interested in walking up their street to help collect some signatures.”

Cr Corke said the initiative came out of a joint visioning workshop for the two community groups and interested residents.

“My thought was that the two suburbs have a lot in common – they’re both older, both have similar issues – so it would be good to see what else we might have in common; what hopes and dreams we might share.”

She said nothing concrete eventuated, so she ran a follow-up six months later to look for specific projects the groups could collaborate on.

“Basically we want to be able to plant tall street trees and we’re losing way too many mature trees to the huge amount of infill that we’re seeing across both suburbs.

“Backyards are being cleared, the big trees afre going and we can’t start to replace them with verge trees as we’ve all got power lines in front of our properties.

“We want the city to really push for us to be top of Western Power’s list when they choose the next round of areas to get underground power.”

Any residents keen for undergrounding can contact the groups at or spearwoodprogressassociation@ to get forms.

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