Naval refurb

INNOVATION hub Enkel won’t wait for Fremantle council and will spend $920,000 to renovate the interior of the old Naval Store itself.

The renovations to the store, which features a huge Stormy Mills’ octopus spray painted across its front, will be transformed into a collaborative, innovative space through the construction of meeting rooms and collective spaces in the mezzanine area.

The development application was approved by the council last month.


The space will become an area “where people can work collaboratively, learn together faster (and learn more relevant things) than they can in uni, and be inspired by others in our space to create better futures for all,” an Enkel representative wrote.  

“We’re often daydreaming about creating experiences where we blend all our partner organisations and make use of many disciplines such as art, tech, sustainability, education etc to create immersive experiences where community members can “step into” various futures.”

Initially the council was supposed to renovate the whole building, but abandoned the mezzanine when it ran short 

of cash. Even so, it was heavily criticised by opponents for splashing out $700,000 on the exterior but leasing it out to Enkel at a peppercorn.

The renovations to the mezzanine area will take approximately four months.


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  1. The octopus mural was painted in 2015 by UK artist PHLEGM, right after painting the Northam silos.
    Not Stormie Mills as reported by Sophie Manners

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