Burger king

I can’t see burgers ever going out of fashion. 

The humble meal-in-a-bun is so well-loved, I couldn’t imagine it ever being as out-dated as old-school dinner dishes like cheese fondue or tuna mornay.

One thing that keeps the burger on-trend is its versatility. 

In days gone by, most preferred their burger patties to be as thick as the bun itself, whereas now days, patties are flame grilled as thin as possible, or “smashed” as its adoringly termed, with a crispy caramelised lacing around its edges.  

Perth’s burger obsession has lead to an atomic bomb-like boom in burger joints stretching all the way from Yanchep to Singleton and everywhere in between with popular, locally-bred franchises, like Hoodburger and Short Order, becoming a staple for burger enthusiast and frugal punters who prefer the kind of value-for-money a filling burger offers over a more traditional three course menu.

A popular place I find myself visiting time and again is 3230 Smoke + Grill in Cockburn, which is the real deal as far as exceptional quality and value for money goes.

If you’re planning on dining in at 3230 Smoke + Grill, it’s handy to know that you can order your entire meal online ahead of time so it’s ready and waiting the moment you arrive. 

After successfully navigating our way through the roadworks labyrinth that is Armadale Road, and announcing our arrival to 3230’s affable staff, our pre-ordered meal landed on our table quicker than a flash. 

Now that’s service. 

Tempted by the monstrous concoction The Meatasaurus ($31), which replaces the bun with two giant fried chicken fillets, I thought I’d play it safe by ordering the BBQ Bacon Cheesy ($15). 

It’s a simple, mouth watering offering that’s stuffed with a juicy smashed beef patty, American cheddar and Swiss cheese, a whole pickle slice, red onion, mustard and sauce. 

Because I have no self control when it comes to food, I super-sized the burger to include a slice of brisket ($5) and a spoonful of Mac n Cheese ($3). 

The brisket was thick and smokey, while the Mac n Cheese added an extra creaminess on top of the gooey cheese slices.  

All of that for under twenty bucks. 

Not feeling the burger love, my wife Kylie ordered the Thighs and Fries ($13.50). 

Another incredibly well-priced offering which includes two gigantic thigh fillets that look like they’re taken from an emu, a massive heaping of fries and a dipping sauce. 

“My eyes are bigger than my belly,” Kylie mumbled half way through her second fillet. 

Her loss was my reward as I hoovered the final piece of crunchy deep fried chook.

As we soaked our full bellies with cool drink ($3.50 each) we both commented that what we had eaten came to just under $45.

We would have happily paid more than that, and I think that’s the best compliment one could ever give a restaurant.


3230 Smoke & Grill
6/5 Armadale Road, Jandakot
Phone 9395 8990

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