CAT back in transport plan

Cr Adin Lang says Freo and East Freo could mount a convincing argument to get an extended CAT bus service with a decent share of state funding. Photo supplied.

FREMANTLE and East Fremantle councils could collaborate to get the city’s CAT buses back and extended to East Street, says city ward candidate Adin Lang.

Cr Lang says with the high-density redevelopment of the old Homeswest site on Burt Street looming, the recent opening of Jetty Bar on Beach Street and Enkel’s use of the Naval Store, there could be traffic problems in the area unless something like a CAT bus was on offer.

He says the two councils could make a convincing case that the state government had an obligation to put more into supporting the buses, given it was driving the Burt Street redevelopment.

“I think we have good precedent in that the state pays one-third of Joondalup and the lion’s share in Perth, so why are they paying the least in Freo,” Cr Lang said.

He has a “Fremantle’s decade of transport” plan he hopes to bring to council if successful at today’s (Saturday October 16) election.

Along with the extended CATs meeting every train arriving in Freo, he wants heavy or light rail down the Cockburn Coast.

“We want all the people living in the southern corridor able to get in and out of Fremantle,” he said.

He also wants light rail east to Murdoch University – a project backed by Infrastructure Australia – and the shared path from Perth to Fremantle completed so it goes to the Fremantle train station.

He says it appears Main Roads’ current plan is to stop once they get over the new traffic bridge, but Cr Lang wants to see it follow the train line embankment all the way to the stawtion.

“Together, these four integrated transport solutions are going to help move people in and out of our city,” he said, adding it would relieve congestion and help underpin the city’s retail sector.


One response to “CAT back in transport plan

  1. I used to catch the red cat all the time, i would love to see it back and expanding its route or the blue cats route would be wonderful.
    Now coles has gone it would be beneficial for people who will need to bring groceries back from IGA.

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