Rezoning: Who’s next?

Leanne Chaproniere and Tarun Dewan say other councils are watching the Glen Iris rezoning issue closely as it sets a precedent.

A 4541-strong petition calling on the McGowan government to reject the rezoning of the closed Glen Iris Golf Course was lodged with WA Parliament’s Upper House on Wednesday.

Jandakot Residents Association president Leanne Chaproniere said because the group couldn’t get anyone from Labor to take up their petition, they had approached new Greens MLC and former Freo mayor Brad Pettitt to lodge it.

“Brad has been really the only politician that has met with us, spoken with us,” Ms Chaproniere said.

“It was about him aligning with us and us aligning with him about the open green space.

“It’s 54 hectares, it’s been here for 65 years as part of this native bush that has been here forever.”

Ms Chaproniere attended an ABC Radio live Spotlight session on local government this week and said she was talking with the mayor from another council who mentioned the sector was watching the Glen Iris issue closely, as it would set a precedent for the rezoning of a “special use 1” site.

“It’s not just us; it’s The Vines, it’s Binningup, it is Connolly, it’s Joondalup, it’s Karrinyup, it’s any public golf course.

“What type of outcry would there be if Joondalup said ‘we’re going to build on nine holes of Joondalup’.

“Really? Just for the money?” Ms Chaproniere said it was unfair that Cockburn council’s planners continued to meet with developer Eastcourt Property Group to help finesse it’s plans, but there was no assistance for a community clearly opposed.

“The whole issue of the special electors meeting which happened earlier this year, was because the groups of people are not happy that there is not this openness with the council officers, it is always ‘no, no, no, no, no’,” she said.


She wants a process where stakeholders can have a proper dialogue with the council, not just three-minute deputations and questions.

Ms Chaproniere also wants a contact register so any meetings between council staff and developers is available to the public, saying it would help increase transparency.

East ward candidate Tarun Dewan has been working closely with the association and says he was angry to receive an invitation to sit with Eastcourt which included the claim the development had strong community support.

“I have door-knocked all through here, and I haven’t found anyone that was supportive – that’s just not true,” he said.


One response to “Rezoning: Who’s next?

  1. We do not want to ever see Glen Iris golf course developed into a housing estate.
    Eastcourt leave our green space alone & move on, you are not wanted or welcome here in Jandakot

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