‘We want our club back’

The clubhouse is looking pretty tatty these days.

NORTH FREMANTLE residents have called on Fremantle council to help wrest back control of their local bowling and community centre. 

More than 100 locals have signed a petition calling on the council to oust the North Fremantle Bowls, Community and Tennis Club and call for expressions of interest for individuals and groups to take on the venue and return it to the social hub it once was.

The centre on Thompson Road is leased on a month-to-month basis to the club, but there has been ongoing strife under various committees for years (“North Fremantle bowls club fracas,” Herald, December 5, 2021).

North Fremantle Community Association president Gerard MacGill served as the club’s treasurer many years ago.


“The club is mainly silent, nothing much seems to happen there,” Mr MacGill said.

“It doesn’t really function as the community facility that it should be and has been in the past.”

Mr MacGill is one of many people who have found attempts to secure the venue for events or functions next to impossible.

“I’ve even had a family member try to book it for a birthday party and eventually give up because there were so many difficulties,” he said.

Former club secretary Katherine Pecotich says membership dwindled from around 50 to a handful of members with full voting rights in one year.

“They have not allowed anyone to join as a full member,” she said.

“In doing that they are controlling what happens at the club”

“The people in the community of North Freo and the wider city of Fremantle are getting very sick of it.”

North Fremantle councillor Bryn Jones said the venue would be evaluated in an upcoming review of the council’s community facilities.

“If they identify the bowling club as an underperforming asset, that might be the trigger for the council. At this stage, no decisions have been made,” Cr Jones said.

Ms Pecotich says “toilet paper and hypodermic syringes” have been found littering the premises.

The president of the North Fremantle Bowling Club declined to comment.


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