A normal rebellion

Mums and grandmums from Melville Extinction Rebels on their pram walk to Ben Morton’s office. Photo by Lyn Nolan.

FIVE mums and grandmums from Melville’s fledgling Extinction Rebellion chapter marched on Tangney MP Ben Morton’s office on Thursday calling for a better federal response to climate change.

The Morrison government is tied in knots over climate change at the moment, with junior Coalition party The Nationals digging in its heels over the prime minister’s plan to set a net zero emissions target for 2050 before a global climate conference in Glasgow later this month.

But the local rebels had federal environment minister Sussan Ley more in mind for their pram walk, following her decision to appeal a Federal Court decision which found she had a duty of care to make decisions that would not expose future generations to the impacts of climate change.

XR member Delphin Swalm said the group marched to ask Mr Morton to convey their strong opposition to the appeal to the government.

“We want a safe future for our children and grandchildren. We want renewables and all the job opportunities which will flow and an end to dangerous coal and fossil fuels,” Ms Swalm said.

The latter refers to a decision on approving a coal mine that was at the heart of the Federal Court case. The court action was raised by a group of young people, but while they were unable to prevent Ms Ley approving the mine, their case did set a “duty of care” precedent for politicians.

Ms Swalm told the Herald the protest was small, but they wanted to get out to show other Melville residents they could participate.

“We are normal, caring citizens from the city of Melville and surrounding areas and we are calling for immediate action to protect the future health of our children and grandchildren from dangerous effects of climate change,” she said.

To find out more about Melville’s XR group email them on xrwa.melville@protonmail.com, or search for them on Facebook.


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