High as kites 

IT was like Kath and Kim meets Sex and the City when the Herald ladies convened for high tea in Fremantle.

Featuring Chooks past and present, the girls had a ball at the National Hotel on a sun-drenched Sunday arvo.

High teas used to be stuffy affairs with old grannies and Miss Marple nibbling on limp cucumber sandwiches in crumbling seaside hotels in England.

But in recent times they have become a trendy and slightly sophisticated alternative to a pub meal or a night on the razz, especially for the more discerning lady, or gent.

The National Hotel’s high tea menu ($45 per person) changes from week-to-week but includes a mix of savoury dishes, sandwiches and sweets, including homemade chorizo sausage roll; caramelised onion and brie tartlet; smoked salmon open sandwich with capers, dill cream and pickled red onion; assorted macarons and freshly baked scones with jam and chantilly cream.

Former Herald advertising director Natalie Hug got caught up in the moment.

“It felt deliciously decadent – sitting with a bevy of beautiful workmates on a Fremantle balcony, a French waiter delivering delicate stands of cakes and savouries to share,” she mused.

“Smoked salmon, little quiches, sliders, spicy chorizo roll, amongst other savoury delights. 

“And then the sweets! Freshly baked scones with whipped cream and jam, little melt in your mouth chocolate tarts, rich buttery carrot cake and more.

“Being a Herald crew, we weren’t going to be entirely satisfied with tea so we added a little effervescence with three bottles of bubbly – made the afternoon even more sparkling.”

Speaking of sparkling wine, Julie “Bubbles” Rainbow from copy control was impressed by the service.

“Our waiter Ludovic topped up our glass a few extra times. His service was outstanding – very friendly and happy,” she noted.

“All the bite-sized sweet and savoury canapés were freshly made on the day.

 “Couldn’t think of a better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than on the balcony at the National Hotel in Fremantle with past and current Herald ladies.”

The National’s High Tea is held at 3pm on weekends.

The National Hotel
98 High Street, Fremantle
9335 6688


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