College ATAR scores up 10%

FREMANTLE COLLEGE continues its turnaround, with student numbers rising, Naplan scores above the metro average – and now a commendation from the education department.

Since the college was formed through a merger of the South Fremantle and Hamilton high schools in 2018, the number of students completing their high school certificate has risen by 21 per cent, while the overall student count is up 31 per cent.

The college’s ATAR scores have also increased by 10 per cent – a far cry from pre-merger days when just four students studied for university.

Principal Myles Draper said building a culture of collaboration, collegiality and creativity had played a part, as had explicit expectations for students.

“This commendation is well-deserved recognition for the staff of the college, who have worked together to implement highly effective and tailored strategies, providing exceptional opportunities for success for every student,” Mr Draper said.

College associate principal for years 7-9 Janelle Mittonette said the dynamic between staff and parents was a major part of the college’s achievements.

One parent, who didn’t want to be named, agreed: “From what I can gather from my own son’s experience, and from talking to a range of parents, the classroom experience is a positive one, no matter if students are in a specialist subject or in a ‘regular’ class.”

Ms Mittonette said: “We are arming students with the tools to succeed in the jobs of the future, including those within the STEM fields, introducing them to opportunities they may not have previously considered or known about.”

The school’s specialist programs, including music, marine studies, ICT (like IT but with communications thrown in there) and autism learning program are at capacity, which has seen its Gifted and Talented Education first round offers increase by more than 400 per cent.

By Jenna McClure

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