Emerging art

Emergence features works from six female artists including a sensual ink drawing by Cate Rose (above).

SIX emerging female artists have joined forces to showcase their work in a diverse and revealing exhibition at Moores Gallery in Fremantle.

Featuring everything from giant origami fish to sensual portraits, Emergence captures women expressing their inner-self and thoughts.

The artists first met at Paula Silbert’s Summer School for Emerging Visual Artists in January, where they hit it off and decided to hold a group exhibition.

Eleven months later, Sarah Abbott, Alex Kyriakacis, Marion LeCrayon, Larissa Nguyen, Cate Rose and Suzanne Lawson are preparing for tomorrow’s opening night (Saturday November 6).

Readers might be familiar with LeCrayon, who created a striking collection of black-and-white ink drawings and screen prints for her exhibition Lots of Fish in South Fremantle.

The exhibition proved so popular with kids, LeCrayon held a free chalk drawing workshop on the pavement outside Kerfuffle Cafe, where her art was being displayed.

She is also known for her flamboyant caricatures, but for Emergence she decided to challenge herself, producing larger format colour works, including one of a giant fish that has skin like high-end, textured wallpaper.

Moving back onto dry land, Cate Rose celebrates the beauty of pregnancy in a sensual ink drawing of a woman in a negligee relaxing beside a window, her exposed bump and skin bathed in soft dreamy light.

“Our bellies give birth to the future, to little hearts which clamour to be held with great tenderness,” Rose says.

If you like contemporary portraits, still life and florals, you will enjoy Suzanne Lawson’s oil paintings.

Taking inspiration from the old masters, she meticulously builds up layers of paint to create lush works that have great depth of colour.

Her close-up painting of petals, beautifully captures the light reflecting off the delicate red blooms. A masterclass in tone and shade.

At the other end of the style spectrum are Nuguyen’s abstract acrylics and oils – splashes and washes of colour that were inspired by nature and the human response to life.

Sarah Abbott is another artist who loves to toy with light and reflection, perfectly capturing the sunlight caressing a vase filled with flowers. Her work hints at the delicate and fragile nature of planet Earth.

Last, but not least, is Alex Kyriakacis, who explores her Greek heritage in a series of “alla prima” paintings that feature strong brush strokes. Her work focuses on traditional objects brought to Australia by female Greek immigrants; a celebration of their life and where they came from. 

Emergence is at Moores Gallery on Henry Street in Fremantle until November 21.


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