Letters 13.11.21


BUYING an EV in Oz – carbon neutral by 2050 (or so).

Customer: I want to buy an electric car.

Scomotors salesman: Mate – Have I got a deal for you? Nice diesel ute. With electric lights – and electric windows! Right place, right time! 

How good is that? Just sign here. Customer: Can I see your full range, please?

Scomotors salesman: Mate, any colour –  white’s good.

Customer: I want an electric Volkswagen.

Scomotors salesman: You dreamin’? What kind’a choice is that? Here at Scomotors, we sell grunt cars for the Ozzy weekend warrior –  and his dog, and his concrete mixer!

Customer: Well – maybe I’ll just take the concrete mixer – at least it’s electric! Can I have a long lead? – just so I’m doing my bit for the planet.

John Adderley
South Fremantle

Up the canal without a sub

THE federal government recently announced it had budgeted over the next two decades for a billion dollars upgrade of the Stirling naval base in preparation for our first nuclear submarines. 

Proposed improvements over this period were listed. 

However the omission of what I consider the most important strategic requirement gave me reason to reflect on both historical and recent maritime catastrophes. 

The USA Pacific fleet was almost decimated by being caught off-guard and trapped in Pearl Harbour.

In recent times international commerce and shipping companies were thrown into disarray for several weeks after a bulk carrier ran aground, blocking the Suez canal for only six days. 

I see a parallel with both McGowan’s determination to transfer all shipping container traffic and bulk carrier operations to his proposed marine environment-destroying harbour in Cockburn Sound, and also the vulnerability of defence naval facilities and the entire Indian Ocean fleet based at Garden Island. 

Even in peace time, a bulk carrier or similar large ship miscalculating its navigation of the narrow channels through the Success and Parmelia sandbanks would prevent any merchant or naval vessel stranded in Cockburn Sound from reaching open waters. 

Any potential adversary already has a plan for times of hostilities to scuttle any large marine object in these channels, effectively neutering our naval protection and setting the scene for a marine catastrophe. 

I would expect our defence hierarchy in Canberra to be of greater intelligence than myself and have plan “B” in place to overcome this obvious strategic impediment to getting our naval vessels quickly and safely into the open sea. 

It would sleep more soundly at night if they advised the concerned community why this obvious defensive action was not on their list and just what they had in mind to avoid our own Pearl Harbour.

Daryl Binning
Bull Creek

Something good brewing

NOT sure if this is newsworthy but I thought I’d let you know about a random act of kindness in Fremantle the other day. 

I stopped at my usual place to grab coffee on my way to work – The Dellers on Market Street – and the barista said mine was free. 

She said someone bought coffees for a few people that morning and I was one of them. This made my day on a morning I needed it.

This morning I went back to Dellers and decided to buy a couple of free coffees for other people. 

The barista said this all started because one of their customers found $50 on the street. 

It didn’t seem to belong to anyone so he picked it up and gave it to the cafe to pay for people’s coffees. 

People started passing this kindness on so there are still free coffees going around.

Ryan Via email
The Ed says: Thanks Ryan, a really heartwarming story. Freo needs them.


SUNDAY November 7 was a fantastic day in South Fremantle with the Festival of Lights bringing around 15,000 to 

the doorsteps of many small businesses. 

Very colourful entertainment a great choice of food.

This is a family event that you may wish to place in your diary for next year “first Sunday in November”.

The team including Mark Woodcock and councillor Marija Vujcic behind this must be congratulated for the expert way it was conducted – well done. 

Another Tourist Attraction for Fremantle.

Bill Massie

Right jab

HOW un-Australian is it to force Australians to take an experimental untested vaccine over their beliefs and jobs.

That’s wrong, that’s evil. Shouldn’t we be asking the nurses that refuse the jab for their reasons?

I want to know. 

Brad Capes

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