Letters 4.12.21

Bunch of blockheads

LAST Sunday morning I decided that I’d walk across the road and buy a cup of coffee from the cafe in the Melville Plaza S/C.

As usual the morning markets were in full swing and I had to pick my way through the various stalls to get to the cafe. 

After I purchased my coffee I made my way across to Dan Murphy’s, where I figured that I’d be able to walk untroubled down the curbing outside that premises.

So I wasn’t very impressed when I discovered that this supposed “walkway” was littered with people and merchandise. 

It wasn’t much fun carrying a hot cup of coffee and having to weave around people and avoid tripping over various sale items.

Now those markets aren’t my cup of tea but obviously a lot of people have a different opinion and enjoy either buying or selling there. 

But how about a bit of old fashioned common sense.

Surely the organisers can point out to the venders that they have to keep clear the area where people are going to be walking.

Finally, if in the process of dodging or weaving around all of these venders and sale items, I had have tripped over or spilt hot coffee on myself, that would have been a different matter.  

In that case, someone would have been accountable and possibly ended up in court.

Steve Grady

Climate change is also science

DEAR Mr McGowan and ministers, congratulations on respecting the science on Covid and protecting the lives of ordinary citizens.

Your actions also keep the WA economy ticking over nicely. I am appalled at the threats against you and your family. 

But please respect also the science on climate change. 

Global warming is accelerating with glaciers all over the world melting faster than predicted, heatwaves in Siberia and Alaska(!) as well as unprecedented floods and bush fires. 

Because WA and Australia for too long hasn’t done anything significant, we must act now with dramatically to avert a catastrophe, famine, wars you name it.  

Allowing Woodside to go ahead with gas and claiming this is less of a problem is really not respecting science.  

We must switch to renewables, zero emissions by 2030. 

I am sure you also know that switching to renewables creates many jobs so to use jobs as an excuse for continuing with and even increasing fossil is simply not a valid reason and I am surprised that you would claim such untruth. 

We are hurtling towards the abyss and you accelerate, yet all the solutions are proven and at your disposal.  

Internationally we are already so behind yet have potentially the best conditions.  

Where is your problem to actually do the right thing? 

You have a duty of care to the WA people.  

But your lack of action on climate contravenes your duty of care.  

There is no accountability in place yet for inaction on climate but not acting is morally corrupt and will be criminal one day since the science is so rock solid on this.

You have children and they will bear the results of your lack of action.

Perhaps they also will ask: why didn’t you do the right thing when you still had a chance? 

Hans Hug
Solomon St, Fremantle

Hold onto your handbags

I AM writing this letter to warn people, in particular women, to keep their purses and bags secure when shopping in the two large supermarkets in Garden City, Booragoon, as they are being targeted by lowlife gangs and individuals. 

Last week an attempt was made to access my handbag which was placed on the child’s seat of the shopping trolley and strapped in.

I had placed two cartons of drinks on top of the handbag. 

When I turned back to the trolley, after selecting goods from the shelves, two women had removed the cartons from on top of my handbag and had placed them on groceries on the other side of the aisle. 

Of course, when I grabbed my trolley, the two women just walked off to continue their “shopping” as if nothing had happened.

I consider myself one of the lucky ones who didn’t lose anything, unlike the young woman who today had her purse containing $600 taken out of her handbag. 

Why is there not more visible security in these supermarkets and why are thieves not apprehended as they leave the supermarket, sometimes with a trolley full of unpaid goods?

Customers you have been warned!  

Liz Walford
The Ed says: Opportunistic thieves can strike at any shopping centre, so it is very good advice to keep your valuables on you at all times. This letter was slightly edited for clarity.


THE licence renewal of Emmanuel Exports, the largest exporter of sheep in Australia, is a slap in the face for the large majority of Australians, city and country, who want this vile industry banned for good, and a huge betrayal of animals.

The licence was cancelled after an investigation into the death from heat stress of 2,400 sheep on a voyage to the Middle East aboard the Awassi Express in 2017. Video footage showed suffering sheep panting for air and water as temperatures on board soared.

The industry has not improved, with PETA Asia investigations this year showing horrific scenes of Australian cattle in Indonesia being inexpertly stunned and staying alive for up to twelve minutes before they choked to death on their own blood. 

The live export industry has proven unable to reform, and when animals are crammed onto ships as though they are inanimate commodities to be sold for slaughter, it’s not surprising that they are treated as if their agony does not matter. 

The corporations behind this cruelty are the meat and leather industries. 

If you buy meat at an Australian supermarket or purchase leather shoes, you’re putting money in the pockets of the people who send these animals to suffer and die overseas. To stop this cruelty, don’t rely on unwilling governments, just stop buying animal products.

Mimi Bekhechi
Campaigns Strategist People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

War’s hell

MAY the current Royal Commission into suicides by war veterans come at least to one obvious conclusion: It is destructive to the peace of a human soul to go kill anyone, no matter how guilty he, she or child is painted to be. 

A soldier in Vietnam summed it up by writing the below on a cigarette case:

We the unwilling

Led by the unqualified

To kill the unfortunate

Die for the ungrateful

Each one of those lines is enough to make someone kill themselves when they realise the truth of it; what they have done, why they did it, as well as why they didn’t allow themselves to know it before they pulled the trigger.

Carla van Raay
Daughter of a soldier who survived but was emotionally damaged for life by what he saw and did. It doesn’t matter which war; all wars are the same.

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