Lots of smiles  

LONG gone are the days when going to the dentist felt like a cross between medieval torture and the Marathon Man.

It’s now all pretty pain and trauma free, thanks to the latest technology and modern facilities. On Point Dental in Fremantle has gone the extra mile to help patients relax by installing a ceiling-mounted TV and Spotify Premium in their practice.

You can now sitback and zone out with you favourite Netflix show while the experts get on with their job. After a couple of episodes of Squid Game your clean or filling is done, and it’s time for the most painful part – paying the bill.

On Point Dental is headed up by Drs Michael Chan and Brin Pandey, who say they have tried to make going there as pleasant as possible.

“We understand that keeping people waiting for dental treatment causes people stress and anxiety and we have several ways to treat and beat that from painless injection techniques to having adequate appointment times, so we do not run late or keep you waiting,” Dr Chan says.

“We go the extra mile to make all patients at ease. “When we created On Point Dental, we aimed for a complete re-imagining of what a dental office can be and it has been designed from the ground up, where personalised experiences and customised smiles are made.”

The new practice features state-of-the-art facilities and offers general, cosmetic and implant dentistry. Prior to opening On Point Dental in the heart of Fremantle, Drs Chan and Pandey worked together at Karratha Dental and Karratha Smiles for seven years as principal dentists, and have a combined 35 years experience in the industry.

They have trained lots of graduates and travelled extensively to keep up with the latest developments and techniques in the dental world.

“We travelled both internationally and interstate to learn from world renowned speakers to develop a keen understanding of cosmetic and reconstructive dentistry to provide amazing smiles,” Dr Chan says.

“We are believers in up-to-date technology with instant digital X-rays, 3D imaging, intraoral cameras, dental scanners and whitening jet spray.

“With the latest Medit i700 scanner in house, we can conduct impression-free dentistry with faster turnaround times as cases can be directly emailed to the labs. Gone are the days of gagging on thick, gloopy moulds.”

Covid has presented new hygiene challenges for dentists and Dr Chan says it was an opportunity to take the already high standards of sterilisation and infection control to a new level.

But behind all the technology and regulations, it’s a friendly smile and chat that is the bedrock of any good dental practice.

“Most of all, we firmly believe in being approachable and treating patients like…people!” Dr Chan says.

“Dr Brin and I both enjoy a good yarn so come down and get your teeth fixed and share a story.”

On Point Dental
9 Point St, Fremantle
9430 4181

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