Wife, mum … rebel

Fern Huck covers Simone McGurk’s office windows with a liquid chalk protest before being moved on by police. Photo supplied

POLICE ordered an Extinction Rebellion member to move on last Thursday after she covered Fremantle MLA Simon McGurk’s office windows with graffiti opposing the development of a new giant gas field off WA.

During her visit to the office, Fern Huck said she delivered a report from Save the Children which warns children will bear the biggest burden if global warming can’t be reigned in at 1.5C.

Ms Huck said straight after the COP26 climate conference in Glasgow where world leaders promised to wean themselves away from fossil fuels, Woodside announced it would go ahead with its Scarborough gas project based on the Burrup Peninsula.

“I’m a small business owner,  responsible, tax paying citizen, married for 33 years to a kind, considerate, wonderful man, with two beautiful adult children who are contributing to their community,” Ms Huck said.

“I am now also a dissident, determined to do whatever I can to protect all life on this earth from the threat of fossil fuel-induced global warming.

“I am proud to count myself part of Extinction Rebellion. We must all do whatever we can to preserve and protect the life systems we all utterly depend on.”

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