Residents despondent

LOCAL resident Jenny Thomas is disappointed with the proposal and feels community consultations were little more than a box ticking exercise. 

Although Fremantle council has requested the Joint Development Assessment Panel review the issue of car parking, Ms Thomas reckons the development will go ahead regardless of local residents’ objections. 

“They’re removing 20 of the established mature trees in the area so we’re going to lose that green space; we’re going to lose trees, we’re probably going to lose verge space by the time we get parking because the verge will be taken up with parking,” Ms Thomas said.

“Which means we are looking at a pretty good ‘heat Island’ there and Fremantle is supposed to be increasing its urban canopy, not decreasing it, so that’s a bit disappointing,” the Tuckfield Street resident added.

The traffic impact study forecasts 280 additional extra cars during peak times which local residents say will have a major impact on traffic in the area, particularly with two schools in the vicinity. 

Ms Thomas believes the council lost control over the development when it approved the rezoning of the land from ‘R60’ to ‘R160’ in 2015 and was shocked to find out the proposal now includes more apartments than originally planned.  

“We were led to believe that when it was put up to R160 that meant there would be 262 apartments. Not only have the council given them the R160 

– now they’re looking at 272 apartments. They have allowed an increase in plot ratio from 2 to 2.1,” Ms Thomas said.

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