Hound out the shonks

Maylands MP Lisa Baker and premier Mark McGowan getting to know a local pooch.

WITH just one parliament sitting date to go, the new rules to crack down on puppy farming and let greyhounds go muzzle-free have passed the WA upper house. 

The ban on intensive dog breeding mills has been years in the making, and was held up last year due to Labor not having the numbers in the upper house and concerns from the Coalition over whether legitimate breeders or farmers who breed work dogs might be caught up by the ban.

Labor’s Maylands MP Lisa Baker, who’s long pushed for the laws, announced late Wednesday afternoon that the upper house had approved the latest version of the bill.

Puppy farming

“Puppy farming is cruel, inhumane and puts commercial gain above the welfare of dogs,” Ms Baker said.

“These new laws will help to prevent that cruelty and give people confidence their dogs have come from reputable breeders.

“The new laws also include a provision that will remove the need for greyhounds to 

be muzzled. I know this will be very welcome news for greyhound owners: The snoots will be freed!”

Ms Baker said she’d keep supporters posted on the implementation timeline. 

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