Letters 29.1.22

We can be better than that

AS I watched the passionate faces of the local and non-local people expressing anti-vax views, banging on the glass at the Fremantle Council meeting I could see that there were many true believers; but I wondered, believing in what?

It could not be based on a belief about the right to individual freedoms surely, after all those who drove there kept to the left of the roadway, stopped at stop signs, red lights and refrained from running over little old women . It‚Äôs fair to say that many probably had a blood alcohol content less than .05 and driving in the evening put their vehicle lights on. They may even have put on a seatbelt. Hardly the conduct of those who believe that individual freedoms override laws imposed by the government on behalf of the community.

It could not be that their scientific research overrode that of hundreds of thousands of qualified epidemiologists, medical and scientific advisors, and general practitioners throughout the world.

They can’t argue that the overwhelming scientific evidence is that vaccinations will give you a level of safety when faced with the pandemic, and they can’t argue that we are not in a pandemic, can they?

Then there is the evidence that over 20 million Australians have had a vaccination, many of had 3, and I don’t see them dying in the streets outside the vaccination centres. Whatever “my research shows” it doesn’t show that vaccinations are doing anything but good for the community.

And then there are other things to which we agree to submit for the common good and the health of our community; we don‚Äôt allow the use of asbestos, we wear helmets and suitable boots on construction sites, we follow occupational health & safety rules, we acknowledge that smoking is harmful to your health and we don’t defecate in the street or pour poison into the drains. We curtail our freedoms for the health of our community.

To be quite honest I don’t get it and I wish these people would stop behaving like naughty children, or worse being captive to the nihilist policies of Clive Palmer, George Christensen or Donald Trump.

Fremantle people should be better than that.

Name and address suplied

Centre shined

A NON-COVID positive from the rally: from all around Perth citizens got introduced to the wonderful Walyalup Civic Centre.

The terrific design of Fremantle’s new civic heart shone – the gathering space of the sloping lawn, next to the visible council chambers and overlooking the playful playground and a serene St John’s Church.

Alan Payne
South Fremantle
The Ed says:
It was indeed the busiest we’ve seen the city’s civic heart in years.

Faith restored

THIS is a letter of thanks.

I am an 86-year-old man and on Sunday January 23 I went to Coogee Beach for my early morning walk and swim.

This is an activity I have enjoyed doing, six months of every year, for the past 50 years.

Whilst I was walking up the beach my bag containing flippers, etc plus my car keys was stolen off the beach.

I consider a low act like this an attack on the Australian way of life.

All I could do was go back to my car to make sure it didn’t get stolen.

As I sat in the sun, guarding my car, many people offered me help and encouragement.

A chair was found for me, a cold drink brought to me and some helped by finding a way to get my spare car key from my home so that I could drive myself home.

I want to thank all of those people who looked out for me and who restored my belief that most people are good and kind.

Thank you!
Of the Coogee Beach regular early morning swimmers and walkers.

A junction like no other

THE South Terrace/Jenkin Street intersection was recently remodelled. 

The result is a junction like no other. 

Hitherto road markings were designed to improve safety: stop at a solid line, give way at a broken line, park within bay limits, etc. 

Now for something completely different! 

All four approaches to the crossroads are announced by a motif of thin short and longer white lines, faintly and misleadingly suggesting a pedestrian crossing. 

The continuing driver, perhaps already distracted by these unfamiliar markings, proceeds towards a geometrical mess.

Is that almost complete green circle near a stop line a mini-roundabout? 

What is the purpose of those yellow, orange and blue not-quite-rectangles hinting at lines of travel no driver would follow?

Some of these quasi-lines lead to off-the-road bicycle racks, trees and pavement café areas.

Kerbs have been abolished, sparing scuffed tyres if bewildered drivers stray into pedestrian spaces. 

One of these days I might be sufficiently distracted or hypnotised to ‘follow the yellow brick road’ and give an alfresco La Vespa patron a nasty surprise.

Whoever designed and approved this confusing ‘artwork’ (if that is what it is) should have a statue erected in their honour – in the most inconvenient part of the junction, to be consistent with the ludicrous surface designs already in place.

Lewis Corner
South Fremantle

Time to get cracking, Freo

LATE last year the Herald ran a letter from Jane Ratten about the poor state of many footpaths in Fremantle (“Who’s tripping”, November 27, 2021) and I thoroughly agree.

On the ‘Terrace’, on High Street, around Muchies eatery (or doesn’t that area matter on Beach Street) and everywhere, the paths are in a very dangerous state.

Corners of the slabs are protruding all over.

Can’t they be replaced with smooth concrete and be done away with?

I too have tripped several times and we must watch where we’re walking constantly.

Barbara Strudwick

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