Back where it all began

Vishrant Prem is back holding satsang in Fremantle.

SPIRITUAL teacher Vishrant Prem is now holding public “meetings in truth” in South Freo every Wednesday night. 

Satsang is open to the public at The Meeting Place on South Terrace starting at 7.20pm every week, with entry by donation. 

Preferring to describe himself as a “reality” teacher – free of what Vishrant calls “the smells and bells” of conventional Buddhism – the hour-long Wednesday meetings mark a return to his roots in Fremantle. 

Vishrant is WA’s only enlightened master, finding himself as truth 22 years ago after years as a dedicated sannyasin and disciple of Indian guru Osho Rajneesh. 

“In the West we believe that we are the mind and the body, and we’re firmly caught in that belief system that we are the mind and the body. And I know myself as Being-ness or pure awareness,” he told the Herald. 

“Everybody has that awareness. Everybody is that. But very few people are aware of it because it’s not in our culture to even look for it – and everybody’s aware of their mind. What’s this that is aware? What’s aware of the mind? 

“I teach people to go beyond the mind, to find what is actually real, what they truly are – not what they think they are, but what they truly are. 

“So I see myself as a reality teacher, not a spiritual teacher. I don’t like the word.” 

Unlike many teachers, Vishrant’s focus is on practical and applicable wisdom for everyday seekers. 

And he doesn’t tell anyone it is easy or to believe him. 

“Find out for yourself,” he said. 

“I don’t offer faith or belief systems. I point in a direction that people can go if they want, or not go. 

“I ask people to look for themselves. Investigate for themselves. Lift the rocks, and see what’s underneath.” 

While satsang is ultimately geared towards people seeking enlightenment, Vishrant’s pragmatic teachings on higher consciousness already benefit people from all walks of life who attend the teacher’s Mystery School. 

For the past decade, his Buddhist community has operated from his base in the Perth hills near Araluen, but in returning to Freo where he was a high-flying businessman in a former life, Vishrant aims to make his streamlined approach to Buddhism available to the Fremantle community. 

“Meetings in Truth are an invitation to discover your true nature beyond the mind and body,” he told the Herald. 

“With greater clarity, we have the opportunity to discover and remove the obstacles that are in the way of happiness and freedom.” 

Vishrant teaches meditation, self-inquiry, the practice of openness, and the way of 

the heart as the key tools for spiritual development. 

Attendance is also possible via Zoom. 

Registrations for Zoom are essential. 

To find out more, visit the Vishrant Buddhist Society page on Facebook or check out his core teachings via the book Spiritual Mechanics available now on Amazon. 


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