It’s par for the course

MIDWAY through last century Fremantle council proudly announced a proposed 18-hole golf course on a former quarry and dump used by businesses in the nearby light industrial area. 

The 9-hole course which was eventually established transformed a scrubby wasteland into a parkland of trees, bushes and grass, while providing a community resource that quickly drew residents and other players.

Over time 12 informal men’s and women’s clubs grew up around this important community facility, playing regularly and thus giving it a stable financial platform.

Though not well-known outside the golfing community, the number of members exceeded 200 and included: FANG (Fremantle Area Network Group);

• Pirates Golf Club;

• Silverlocks Golf Club;

• Mondays Ladies Group;

• Tuesdays Ladies Group;

• Kardinya Golf Club;

• Scroungers Golf Club;

• Thursdays Ladies Group (18 holes);

• Thursdays Ladies Group (9 holes);

• Fridays Ladies Group; and,

• Saturday Royal George Club

Though they’re mainly seniors, the course is important for young people by encouraging their participation in active sport – so needed by this age group. 

Continued next week

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