Supermarket buried

THE owners of the Berrigan Quarter shopping centre in South Lake have conceded they probably won’t be able to get another supermarket to move in; but an undertaker’s on the cards.

The Super IGA on Berrigan Drive closed back in 2019 and centre owners Arunamari Pty Ltd haven’t been able to attract anything similar because there’s already a Coles and Aldi nearby to pick up trade off busy North Lake Road, and a Spudshed in Jandakot.

So they’ve applied to the council to allow a “showroom” as anchor tenant, as that use isn’t currently captured by the city’s planning scheme. The council supports the idea, with a few rules thrown in to ensure it doesn’t become another bulky whitegoods warehouse that doesn’t support the local community.

Arunamari are also interested in attracting a funeral parlour, which could use the picturesque Broadwater Reserve and its lakes as a backdrop to funeral services.

That means a slightly more complex scheme amendment, as the existing definition for funeral parlours only takes the storage and preparation of bodies for burial or cremation into account and the council’s had to look at the parking requirements for churches and mosques to make a like-on-like comparison.

The council’s planners also recommended any development application take into account screening of the loading bay so the more squeamish aspects of undertaking don’t upset kids at the nearby child care and neighbourhood centres.

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