Pickled pink

• Fairies Rachel and Anna hope South Terrace Piazza can become a magic place again with a new owner
and a makeover. Photo by Belinda Charman

Sprinkle of fairy dust for piazza

FREO’S beloved fairy shop has been creating magic for 30 years, and now looks set to get some in return with developer Yolk planning to wave a wand over its home.

The Pickled Fairy and Other Myths is located in the South Terrace Piazza, which was recently bought for $18.2 by Freo-based Yolk, which wants to see it “brought back to life” with a multi-million revamp.

Selling agent Derek Barlow from CBRE told the Herald apart from some fairy dust over the existing buildings, there could be additional developments within the 3778sqm site. While he didn’t elaborate, it’s been reported that Yolk is planning apartments, and under the city’s planning scheme they could go up another storey or two as long as the top one was set back.   

Pickled Fairy owner Jenny Diggins was planning to meet with Yolk representatives on Friday and said she was “looking forward to the area being revitalised” and was “super keen to keep being able to run the store”. 

Mr Barlow says: “Yolk have exciting plans for restoring this site to its former glory which, given the property’s important position at the heart of the city, will add further tailwinds to the renaissance of Fremantle already underway.” 

There’s no current development application attached to the site but according to CBRE’s brochure, a recent assessment of its heritage value says most of the buildings are of “little significance” and “may be removed depending on future use requirements”.

Properties facing South Terrace were considered to hold more significant heritage value. 

The Piazza’s revival was welcomed by businesses who’ve persisted despite declining foot traffic and a rise in anti-social behaviour. 

Just over a year ago, The Herald reported on their concerns about regular drug use and violence as well as public urination and defecation on their doorsteps. For some it was the last straw and they moved out, leaving a number of empty stores. 

City ward councillor Adin Lang says the new owners are keen to “bring the precinct back to life” by filling shops that have been left vacant. 

According to Cr Lang there was already keen interest to lease the empty stores. 

He says he is “thrilled to see the Piazza change hands” and that “the new operators have a great track record in Fremantle”.

“It used to be a thriving little hub 10 years ago and the hope is that it can become that again,” Cr Lang said.


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