Letters 14.5.22

An eyesore

I REFER to the article that appeared in your last edition entitled “Morgan Slams Signs Backflip” (Herald, May 7, 2022).

I fully agree with Ben Morton and his views relating to the above named article.

I was driving to the Melville Recreation Centre on the corner of Stock Road and Canning Highway yesterday and my eyes were suddenly struck by some serious visual pollution. 

As I came closer, I realised that this was indeed a cluster of political signposts. These signs were dotted all along the road into the centre and then again within the outside of the building. 

After I got out of my car and made my way to the entrance, I was enthusiastically approached  by people representing all the different political parties. 

Now I had to patiently explain to them that I was only on my way to my gym class and that I was not interested in voting at the moment.

So as I said stated previously,  I’m in full agreement with Ben and I believe that not only should they have to apply for permits, but that also the number of signs should be limited for each party.

The whole thing reminded me of a circus, but without the entertainment value.

Steve Grady

Andy’s Ark

I AM writing to share a healing by sailing story and my appreciation for Andrew Dunn; GP, swimmer and Fremantle Sailing Club member. 

My career and family were dramatically impacted by Covid-19.

The first Perth lockdown forced public facilities like gyms, swimming pools and playgrounds to shut down, making it a stressful and anxious time for many people like me staying at home.  

My swimmer and skipper friend Dr Dunn generously helped me get through the pandemic, turning me from a non-swimmer to Rottnest channel 20 kilometre soloist in 10 months.

He taught me freestyle and helped by being my escort kayak and motorboat; he helped me to became the first Chinese person to cross the Rottnest channel solo.

Dr Dunn guides me when I swim in the river or ocean, relieving the stress I had built up during the lockdown; the lake, river and ocean allow me the opportunity to maintain my physical and mental health.  

He is also a boating enthusiast, sailing to Rottnest Island and cruising the coastline of Perth or up the river with its amazing landscape.

Dr Dunn invited me to go sailing, which brought me a beautiful sunset and amazing Perth landscape which has helped heal my soul.

What deeply touched my heart is, I found Dr Dunn has been healing people like veterans, injured workers, single mums or special needs kids by inviting them to go sailing on his boat.

He has given free opportunities to people who are normally busy making their lives, fighting the difficulties. 

His boat is like a mental healing clinic or like a Noah’s Ark in a pandemic.

Jeff Young
Via email

How Green?

THE Greens tell us they want to phase out oil and gas by 2030 to reduce carbon emissions in order to keep global heating to below 1.5 degrees.

Sounds admirable.

Except that carbon is not the main cause of dangerous emissions.

Nitrous oxide is 300 times worse than carbon.

The primary cause of nitrous oxide are the toxic pesticides and excessive petrol based additives to the soil. 

One tonne of nitrous oxide is equivalent to 298 tonnes of carbon dioxide and has an atmospheric lifetime of 110 years.

It is not only a greenhouse gas, but also an ozone destroyer.

Nitrous oxide is threatening the wellbeing of every species including humans on our planet by causing wild storms, intense rainfalls and extreme heat.

Where is the Greens policies on this?

Or, if they don’t have one, are they simply a greenwash party for the Labor party?

Perhaps this why the Put Majors Last movement have put them at the bottom of their How to Vote card. 

Sassy Hawkins
Via email

Signed up

WE must feel sorry for Ben Morton (“Morton slams sign backflip,” Herald, May 7, 2022) expressing concerns about Melville council’s decision to allow campaign signs in public places without a permit. 

However his ‘hit back’ position seems to be to have about three times as many signs as his competitors. 

For example see Canning Highway/Stock Road area. Onya Ben!

Jim Meckelburg

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