Of corset’s Paris style

IT’S her second clothing line, one year in, and she’s already approaching 10,000 followers on TikTok from around the world! 

Perth’s hot new designer, 19-year-old Ellen Ziatas is blitzing her way through the fashion industry in chic Parisian style.

Her brand By Ellen With Love started as a pocket money business just over a year ago and boomed into the label of great popularity it is today, thanks to social media and many snapped needles. 

“I honestly did not expect this to go anywhere,” Ms Ziatas said.

“The growth has been terrifying and exciting at the same time.”.

It all started with a sewing machine gifted from dad and a spirit of  “I really want some clothes that nobody else has”.

Looking up to big international brands like Djerf Avenue, Miaou and With Jéan, Ms Ziatas was able to showcase her Perth-based creations on TikTok and Instagram where she found a loyal following with the same love for everything class and corsets.

“Every time I make something I say to myself, ‘Can I wear this in Paris just walking along the street and blend in?’ and if not then I don’t release it,” Ms Ziatas said. 

Naming July 14 as the drop of her second range earlier last week, plus a few teasers, lit up By Ellen With Love’s social media platforms. 

Ms Ziatas says she’ll hopefully expand on her handmade and ethically produced garments into ball dresses and occasion wear “to make you feel special”.


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