Homeless blow

• Fighters at the Mambaz Boxing Academy, which is looking for a new home.

A WELL-LOVED White Gum Valley gym that’s championed the underdog for 22 years needs a new home.

Mambaz Boxing Academy owner Jerry Mondlane said they’ve been given short notice to move out of the Starland building on South Street, as it’s to be demolished for a redevelopment.

“All past and present customers have been in tears after learning of the major sale of the Starland building,” Mr Mondlane said. 

“We would love to remain in the same building, but we have been given 24 hours to move on so our wishes have been crushed.” 

A former South African boxing champion, Mr Mondlane said he opened Mambaz when he recognised the psychological stress and disconnection within the local community. He said his fitness classes were aimed at helping to boost the physical and mental wellbeing of people from low socioeconomic backgrounds  – the gym is across the road from the area dubbed by locals “the Beacy Bronx”.

But he says the appeal went wider than just the local community and they’ve had nearly one million people through the door from areas as far-flung as Gosnells and Rockingham.

Mr Mondlane is hopeful Mambaz will find a new home. 

“We are looking for a new premises around the same area of Fremantle; if nothing is found, we may have to start training at a local park,” he said.

“There is no way we are going to stop; our motto is Shosholoza, which means forward is the way in Zulu language, and at Mambaz, you are never alone. 

If you’ve got a tip about a possible home for Mambaz, contact Mr Mondlane on 0412 265 615.


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