High-rise the limit

PRELIMINARY results from consultation over the Canning Bridge Activity Centre Plan have overhwhelmingly backed a community reference group over Melville council’s planners and expert consultants – and the Property Council of WA.

A total of 588 submissions were received, with a resounding 96 per cent saying they didn’t think the plan was working.

Out of 564 submissions supporting reform, 471 supported the recommendations of the community reference group over the council’s planning consultants Hatch RobertsDay.

Bonus heights

One of the main differences between the two reports is that the CRG wants to scrap bonus heights, arguing they are not delivering community benefits and are simply allowing developers to double their heights. Hatch RobertsDay has suggested limits, but has also suggested introducing a new area for bonuses.

The CRG has also called for extra open space, saying the densities being reached in the suburb aren’t being matched by areas for everyone to recreate.

More than 90 per cent of respondents cited heights and density as a concern, while traffic, parking and the lack of community benefit also featured prominently.

Just 24 submissions supported existing or additional heights and density.


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