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WA’s only enlightened master Shree Prem Vishrant. Photo supplied.

Fremantle “reality teacher” Shree Prem Vishrant has extended his popular Meetings in Truth and is now holding satsang twice per week in South Fremantle. 

The free public meetings at The Meeting Place on South Terrace on Wednesday and Thursday nights start at 7.20pm every week, with entry by donation.  

Vishrant is WA’s only enlightened master, finding himself as truth 23 years ago after years as a dedicated sannyasin and disciple of Indian guru Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh.  

These days, he splits his time between his communities of dedicated sannyasins in Roleystone and Fremantle. 

‘Orange People’

He told the Herald he returned to Fremantle, where he was once a high-flying businessman, because there was a strong interest in meditation among people keen to get free of suffering. 

However, although Fremantle was once the epicentre of WA’s sannyasin movement – where the notorious “Orange People” revelled under the guidance of renowned spiritual master Osho – many seekers had failed to move on after the Bhagwan’s death in January 1990. 

Vishrant told the Herald he had a love affair with Fremantle and its people, and believed higher consciousness was the only way of protecting the planet from the devastation of capitalism. 

“The more people who raise their consciousness levels, the better chance the whole population of the planet have of raising their consciousness levels,” he said. 

“It’s up to you. You create your reality by the way you think and your actions.” 

Attendance was also possible via Zoom, and Vishrant holds public satsang by donation on Friday nights at his retreat at Restful Waters in Bedfordale, streamed live on Youtube to an international audience.  

“Meetings in Truth are an invitation to discover your true nature beyond the mind and body,” he told the Herald.  

“With greater clarity, we have the opportunity to discover and remove the obstacles that are in the way of happiness and freedom.”  

The hour-long public meetings commonly feature Vishrant’s trademark sense of humour and offer attendees the chance to ask questions and receive direct feedback from an enlightened teacher who lives permanently as the energy field.  

“In the West we believe that we are the mind and the body, and we’re firmly caught in that belief system that we are the mind and the body. And I know myself as Being-ness or pure awareness,” he said.  

“Everybody has that awareness.

Everybody is that. But very few people are aware of it because it’s not in our culture to even look for it – and everybody’s aware of their mind.  

“What’s this that is aware? What’s aware of the mind?  

“I teach people to go beyond the mind, to find what is actually real, what they truly are – not what they think they are, but what they truly are,” Vishrant said.  

“So I see myself as a reality teacher, not a spiritual teacher. I don’t like the word.”  

Vishrant teaches witnessing the mind, meditation, self-inquiry, the practice of openness, and the way of the heart as the key tools for spiritual development.  

To find out more, visit the Vishrant Buddhist Society page on Facebook or check out his core teachings via the book Spiritual Mechanics available now on Amazon. 

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