Letters 11.2.23

All in the mind

IN Mind, Body, Spirit (February 4, 2023) we were greeted by ‘reality teacher’ Shree Prem Vishrant claiming to be the only ‘enlightened’ master in WA.

Well, may I introduce myself also as the only ‘enlightened’ person in WA to have ever bought a take-away coffee in  Fremantle?

Western Australia is full of people living and acting in 

‘awareness’ as a result of being taught and mentored by others who are also masters in their trade: ‘masterly’ educated and grounded tutors. 

He should not discount all here who are engaged in similar work to which he appears to be, but who do it without fanfare.  

He says he sees himself as a “reality teacher” not a “spiritual teacher”, but goes on to say that he teaches “witnessing the mind, meditation, self- inquiry, the practice of openness, and the way of the heart as the key tools of spiritual development”. 


He teaches people to go “beyond the mind to what is actually real”. 

We all have a “true nature beyond the mind and the body” but would it have been his earthly “real physical nature” which is helping him imbibe the coffee sitting in front of him?

Without our physicality we can’t begin to appreciate the other components.

The human body is the master craft of all creations and it was this fact that Aristotle, and other great philosophers after him, recognised when claiming that body, mind, soul and spirit comprised the reality of the WHOLE human person, and any advancement towards it’s enlightenment would be the result of experiencing and understanding all four of these awesome creations.

To call one’s self an only master is like standing at the top of the precipice waiting to be blown off by the next wind. 

By all means, may Shree Prem Vishrant carry on his good work, but realise he is only one of many – in WA.

Helen Formentin

On the job

THE City of Fremantle is doing everything within our current powers to address the issue of illegal camping at South Beach.

The City’s Community Safety team have been doing daily patrols to individually infringe and move on the campers using our powers under the Caravan and Camping Grounds Act 1995 – often suffering significant abuse and non-cooperation as a result. To further strengthen our efforts in this area we have enlisted increased support from police to ensure compliance, and have received ongoing support from senior police management to maintain a visible and active presence in the area.

Early this year we engaged with the State Government to address one of the underlying issues that prevents effective management of illegal camping, which is  the split tenure of the South Beach car park between the City and the Public Transport Authority.

Last month I wrote to Transport Minister Hon. Rita Saffioti requesting a management order or similar be considered to enable the City to have greater jurisdiction over the state-owned land. 

The letter highlighted the serious issues regarding health, safety, amenity and beach accessibility and parking availability caused by illegal camping and the adverse effects on the local and visitor community, especially during the busy summer months.

The City is now in advanced discussions with the PTA regarding possible solutions and are optimistic about a successful outcome. 

With jurisdiction over the entire area, we can then move to a management strategy that will include four-hour limits, seven days a week, throughout the area, which giving us another control strategy to prevent problem campers staying overnight, by infringing their vehicles under the City of Fremantle Parking Local Law 2021. 

It was disappointing to note that last week’s Thinking Allowed column in the Fremantle Herald misrepresented the facts of this situation.

It is categorically untrue to state that the City are the ‘baddies’ when every aspect of our operations is focused on supporting the many thousands of people who flock to enjoy this beautiful coastal area.

Our staff are dealing directly with the problem on a daily basis. We understand and share the frustrations of residents. However, it is a problem that we can’t solve on our own and we have been proactively working with those agencies whose help we need to be able to effectively manage this problem going forward. 

In the meantime our hardworking team will continue to provide services at South Beach – emptying bins, cleaning showers and toilets, maintaining the barbecues and other facilities for the benefit of all residents and visitors to the area.

Hannah Fitzhardinge
Mayor, City of Fremantle

Bunch of turds

I READ with interest the article regarding illegal campers at South Beach (Wanna hear a real campfire horror story?” Thinking Allowed, February 4, 2023).

As it happens I have just started visiting South Beach with my dog. 

What a terrific spot. 

The beautiful grassy park under the shade of all those huge Norfolk Island Pines. 

We enjoy a swim at the dog beach, then a coffee at the marvellous dog-friendly café.

The first thing I notice each morning is the gaggle of scruffy camper vans with their equally-scruffy occupants up the northern end of the car park.

This morning there must have been about a dozen.

Where do these people shit and piss? On the grass in the beautiful park?  On the carpark next to their van?

According to the article, the City of Cockburn does not have this problem because their rangers are a little more diligent in moving this riff-raff on. 

Of course, the loony-left, greeny-dominated City of Fremantle actually encourages the riff-raff and to hell with the long-suffering ratepayers.

Well guess what, why should I bother picking up my dog poo if the squatters are not only tolerated but actively encouraged? 

Going forward, every day I see as much as one camper van there, is a day I don’t pick up my dog shit.

Gary Carter
The Ed says:
Incredibly strange logic there, Gaz. Thousands use South Beach every day, and you’d force them to tiptoe around your turds to make a point about a dozen miscreants? 

It’s a crime

JUVENILE crime is taking over Perth’s streets.

As young as 13, they are committing adult crimes, holding the public to ransom, and with so many police leaving the force it is easy to see why.

People are no longer safe in their own house.

The law is failing society, because the courts are too soft, handing down punishment that these offenders deserve.

Frank Cherry

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