Did you ask us?

JAN DE GROOTE is a Hami Hill resident. With the signing of the AUKUS nuclear submarine deal, he’ll get prime viewing as they sail into an upgraded Stirling Naval Base just over the hill from his place. 

IF Australians should have been offered a Referendum on anything it is nuclear subs. 

We have fought against everything nuclear for decades with marches, petitions and letters. 

It is clear that this agreement is merely America’s way of increasing its own submarine fleet by getting another country to pay for it. 

I doubt that Australia will be going off on its own programs – we all know who will be pulling the strings. 

We have already cancelled one project. Let’s cancel this one. 

Yes, there was a penalty payment for that one, but in this case no work has been done on any vessels or blueprints, as happened in France. 

Perhaps we may need to pay admin costs – just petty cash! 

What we need to keep in mind is that the cost of the actual subs is only the beginning. 

Who will pay for the new infrastructure to build the subs? Australians. 

Who will pay the wages and compensation for the employees, and fat bonuses for the CEO and her/ his cohorts? Australians. 

Who will pay for the continual maintenance of the subs? Australians. 

Who will pay for the disposal of nuclear waste, and for establishing and maintaining the disposal facility? Australians. 

Who will pay for the ‘free’ university courses already being offered? Australians. 

I don’t say ‘Australian taxpayers’ as most people think that term applies only to employed people. 

We are all taxpayers whatever our source of income, as we all pay GST. 

Every Australian will pay for these subs for the next century or more. 

As nationwide infrastructure ages; state schools and public hospitals need replacing and/or expanding; public housing funds shrink even more, we shall be too poor to fix them as we repay – probably with compound interest – the huge debt for these subs. 

The tax paid by those working on them will only make a small dent in the costs which, like all such enterprises, will blow out. 

If we have to have them why can we not lease these subs? 

Why can we not offer to build them for America, and have them pay us, for the building, extra infrastructure, maintenance and the removal and storage of the nuclear waste? 

It is clearly in America’s interest that its fleet gets enlarged and that these vessels find ports in a wider geographic area. 

So come on Albo, man up and fix the mess Morrison made. 

Change the project and arrange a lease agreement as outlined above. 

The end result will be the same for America – the huge benefit of getting its fleet enlarged at a faster rate, and already placed in a new geographic area. 

The benefits here? Jobs for us, and money to contribute to the future needs of all Australians. Honestly, this whole kerfuffle leaves me shaking my head and asking a question all my friends will recognise; “Why aren’t I in charge?” 

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