Speed of sound

• Palmyra brother and sister duo Twelve Parsecs built up a global following with their viral covers of rock classics; now they’re hoping to build a local fan base with music of their own.

AFTER going viral with their backyard cover of Led Zeppelin’s Black Dog a couple of years ago, Palmyra brother and sister duo Twelve Parsecs have now released their first self-written single.

Riley (14) and Georgia (12) Spowart’s Off My Shoulders has already found traction after its launch earlier this week.

“Our single is about as the title reads, that feeling of getting something off your shoulders,” Riley said.

Describing the single as alt rock, the pair list Foo Fighters, Paramore, Green Day, Powder Finger, Red Hot as some of their influences.

The band’s name refers to a unit of light speed and is a Star Wars reference about Han Solo’s spaceship Millennium Falcon’s ability to speed through a smuggler’s run. 

“We were looking at our favourite movies and tv shows when we were coming up with our name. Can’t remember who’s idea it was, but it stuck,” Riley said.

The pair say they do the band for fun and are enjoying the creative process of putting out their own music.

“They’ll be in the small studio in our house and I’ll call them for dinner, and they will yell out ‘hold on Mum, we are just writing down a new idea!’,” beamed proud mum and manager Karen Spowart. 

“We have already had one fan message us and tell us how much the song resonated with his son, which is special and we appreciate that,” she said.

Upcoming live performances will have extra high energy with the addition of bassist too. 

Twelve Parsecs will be having a single launch at Clancy’s Fish Pub in Fremantle tomorrow, Saturday April 22 from 1.30pm. 

They will also be at Fremantle’s High Voltage event on Sunday May 7 on the Esplanade Stage, were they will belt some rock classics.

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