Carrington’s Bar & Grill’s Triple C steak sandwich.

Carrington’s Triple C Steak Sandwich will be hard to beat!

Voting is now open for the Australian Hotel Association’s highly-regarded WA’s Best Steak Sandwich Competition and Carrington’s Bar & Grill reckon their classic steak sanga with a twist is a medal contender.

“A steak sandwich can make or break a venue,” says Carrington’s co-owner Ashley Cranenburgh.

“A good steak sandwich must be finely tuned to perfection and we’ve spent a lot of time perfecting ours.”

Ashley, who previously worked at a Perth venue that won the award three times, says the steak sandwich can go one of two ways: “It can be a dripping mess, overstuffed with cheap, chewy steak and unnecessary ingredients like pineapple and beetroot, or it can be a true culinary delight with perfectly cooked steak and surprising, creative ingredients that add taste and texture.”

After a recent visit to Carrington’s, the Chook can confirm its steak sandwich is one of the best you’re likely to  eat in Perth. 

Lorene Cranenburgh, chef Jass, and Ashley Cranenburgh with their creation.

The hero of Carrington’s  “Triple C” steak sandwich is the scotch fillet, which is so tender it makes every bite a genuine pleasure.

Accompanying the scotch fillet is a smoky chorizo jam, two slices of melted swiss cheese, crunchy slaw with carrot and cabbage, pickled onion, and a tangy and creamy chimichurri aioli that is expertly crafted in-house by head chef Jass. 

Rounding the perfect steak sandwich off are two fresh and fluffy slices of toasted Turkish bread from the local bakery.

Ashley says customers are already flocking to Carrington’s as word begins to spread about the Triple C, which stands for Carrington’s, Chorizo Jam and Chimichurri. 

“We had a soft launch recently and word is obviously getting around because customers are already coming here to try the Triple C,” Ashley says. 

“One customer told us that they loved it so much, they wouldn’t change a thing. The sandwich is a true all-rounder in terms of sweet, sour and savoury flavours.”

Hungry punters are encouraged to visit Carrington’s Bar and Grill to try the Triple C then vote for it on the AHA WA website –

330 Carrington Street, Hamilton Hill
KITCHEN OPEN 11.30am to 8.30pm 7 DAYS A WEEK
For bookings or enquiries: 9337 3011

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